Published On : Thu, Jul 14th, 2016

‘Owl’ at Giripeth fails to do what ‘dog’ does in Dharampeth!

Owl at Giripeth
Before we come down to our matter of concern let’s recall an adage that goes – “A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke.” In literal terms it can be interpreted as – An owl is the wisest of all birds as he can see all but makes little noise about the situation or scene.

We completely agree with this theory, particularly in the context we are referring here. If you happen to cross through Giripeth you are likely to spot a silent and watchful owl standing guard. Its a sculpture of the bird installed again by Corporator of the Dharampeth-Gokulpeth area Manjusha Sanjay Bangale. Similar such owl sculpture was made and put up in 2006-07.

At first this owl sculpture may send jitters to any passing human in the dark of night but it has a purpose to be served, rather silently.

When Nagpur Today investigated, it was found that the sculpture was meant to keep garbage at bay. Some residents said that since this spot is one which is perpetually littered with garbage. In-spite of many attempts the maid-servants seemed to find it easier to dump the garbage at this spot. Many attempts to prevent them went in vain. So with an idea to deter those who litter the place with garbage, the idea of calling anyone who throws garbage in that place as “Ullu” or Owl. The concept of an owl watching over the area too was inferred. Yet this exercise seems to be in vain. The people still litter the area with garbage right next to this beautiful sculpture. Nagpur Today found the entire area near the sculpture littered with garbage.

Previously we came up with a square where a dog sculpture stood guard to serve the purpose and this yielded result on the stretch from Coffee House Square to Jhenda Square in Dharampeth.

Here also we may recall one adage that “Every dog has its day”. But in the case of owl, it is still a mute spectator to all the “responsible citizens” throwing their dirty stuff on it…Coz owl is wise know, but silent also!!!

By Samuel Gunasekharan.
Pics by Shubham Kamble.