Published On : Wed, Oct 26th, 2016

Over 11.70 lakh Nagpurians receiving benefits of improved water supply

Representational pic

Representational pic

NMC-OCW’s first target was to make equitable distribution of water in Nagpur. When OCW took over in March 2012, there were some areas that were getting round the clock water, some 6-8 hours a day, some on alternate days and some areas not a drop!

There are many areas in city like Naik talao, Kapil Nagar, Chinchbhuvan, Dabha Wadi Tekdi populated by poor people mostly, which had struggled without water connection for 15 to 20 years. There were some other areas also that were suffering from the same fate but some of them had alternate sources of water, the situation was not so bad. Here, there was nothing – we worked on a war footing and laid a pipe line in a month that now ensures 6-8 hours of water supply for this area inhabited by thousands of people.

Since March 2012……
No Water to Daily Water : Since then, When OCW was not there nearly 150 areas were such where water supply was not at all present. Now Water has been reached to nearly 1,51,303 people.

Alternate Day To Daily Water: Water supply was made on alternate days in 81 outer areas. Today 1,85, 000 people receive water every day as of date.

Low Pressure Areas turned into Pressurized Areas: Earlier 134 areas were of low water pressure area. However as of date, 5, 18, 664 people have been benefitted by a water supply of regular and same water pressure. here was also the problem of very low pressure in some areas. We have seen a 5 litre container take an hour to fill! Measures like plugging leakages and repairing pipe lines along with laying new ones has solved this problem for 134 areas.

Polluted water to Safe Water Areas: Earlier polluted water used to be received in 56 areas. However, as of date 6 6, 902 people have been benefited with safe drinking water. Some areas of in city namely Kapil Nagar (South Nagpur), Naik Talao (Central Nagpur) and Panchkunwa (North) , Mehendibagh did not get water supply for years which now receives good water supply.

24×7 project Benefitted Areas: For converting this unaccounted water HSC’s into accounted water, NMC-OCW has been implementing ambitious 24×7 project in Nagpur .

For which NMC-OCW have divided the entire city consisting of 68 command areas into four zones – East, West, North and South. We are tackling each area individually, the goal being to make water available 24×7 (also known as uninterrupted water supply project).

Around 3 lakh consumers are benefitted from 24×7 till date.

Areas Converted to 24×7: Demo Zone- Shanti nagar- Deshpande Layout – Dhantoli- Laxmi nagar old – GH Buldi – Pratap Nagar- Nandanwan Existing Nandanwan – Laxmi Nagar New (Under Trial)- Chichbuvan ESR (under Trial).

Thus – NMC-OCW has brought smiles on the faces of almost 11,70,819 consumers who are benefitted and are happy in terms of water supply in city. Aim is to bring same satisfaction on all faces of 27 lakh population of Nagpur. OCW is always committed to serve the community with uninterrupted supply of safe drinking water

Technical Progress : Capex Works
In last 4 years, OCW-NMC have successfully replaced almost 550 km ( out of 600 km ) pipeline across city. OCW has replaced approx. 1.30 lakh HSC’s during these period (out of projected 3.25 lakh).

For illegal connections, which are not a problem with only Nagpur, it is all over the country. NMC-OCW did a survey and identified households/ establishments with such connections. We did not send them notices or take harsh action.

Instead we asked them to apply for legal connection, which would be given free of cost. They would then be given water bill at a flat, minimum rate till meter was installed and their household connected to the pipeline. This cost of meterisation and new house service connection is included in OCW project and then billing would start according to meter readings. We are proud to note that we have reduced illegal water connections considerably.

Further alongwith rehabilitation project, OCW is also working on improvement of O&M and Customer Services

# All ESR’s (पाण्याची टाकी ) cleaned every year which were never cleaned earlier. OCW has decided to clean all ESR every year with its state of art OCW ESR cleaning system. This resulted in water quality improved up to 96%. (As per Regional Public Health Laboratory (RPHL) reports

# OCW re-constructed Sitabuldi Fort (Killa) MBR in a bid to strengthen water supply system and boost water supply especially in the localities of Central Nagpur recently. OCW will soon complete rehabilitation of two major MBR (Master Balancing Reservoir’s) of Seminary Hills and Sitabuldi Fort (Killa) in city. The Seminary Hills MBR’s constructed almost 30-35 years back have never been touched yet. OCW has not only started its rehabilitation but till date has completed almost 75 % rehabilitation work of first part of MBR and soon will start another phase of rehabilitation

# OCW rehabilitated four major ESR’s of Minimata Nagar, Laxmi Nagar (OLD), Wanjari Nagar and Nandanvan. Soon will start rehabilitation of 11 more ESR’s

# 70 major repairs & valve installation on Feeder Main & Main Line carried out # Repaired valves also improved operations & regulated supply

Customer Care Centre at every zone: At every Zone Office a state-of-the-art Customer Care Centre is established to provide the consumers with best quality service and comfort. The CCC is single point access where consumers can also register their complaints, raise their grievances, apply for new connections and make enquiries etc.
Online Billing: OCW has started online billing facility for its consumers.

Photo meter reading: OCW has started photo meter reading for consumers
24×7 Call Centre: Along with this OCW’s Call center is also working for 24×7 wherein citizens can also make any water related query, complaints at OCW on a Toll Free Helpline- No 1800-266-9899 or also can log on at

Consumer Grievances Redressal Cell: (CGRC): A dedicated Consumer Grievances Redressal Cell has been formed to resolve critical, pending and employees related complaints at dedicated no.@ 7028903636.