Published On : Sat, Dec 1st, 2018

Orphaned cubs of hunted tigress T1 kill 2 cows in Anji village

Nagpur: The orphaned cubs of tigress T1, fondly called Avni, have started following the footsteps, or say paws, of their mother and create terror. The cubs, ostensibly trained by Avni, have made a kill in Anji village in Pandharkawda. The cubs hunted down three animals – two cattle and a bait, according to media reports.

After the controversial killing of tigress T1, who had reportedly turned man-eater killing more than a dozen villagers, was shot dead in early November, the forest men have been trying to capture the orphaned cubs.

According to media reports, the cubs killed a cow in the forest on Wednesday. The hunted cow belonged to Ramji Lakhma Anjikar of Anji. On Thursday too, the cubs reportedly hunted a cattle. It could the first time that the orphaned cubs of Avni made a kill sparking terror in villages of Pandhaekawda in Yavatmal district.

Villagers are panicked as their problem have not ended with the elimination of man-eater tigress T1. The cubs may or may not have become man-eaters, depending on their proximity to their mother when she attacked humans, media reports said.