Published On : Mon, May 26th, 2014

Organizer of Pool Party at city hotel denies all allegations

Nagpur News: While denying all the allegations made against the organizers of the Pool Party held at a city Hotel on May 25, 2014, Himanshu Govindani said that to begin with what happened at a city hotel was not at all a “Raid” as projected by some sections of the media.

While clarifying what actually happened at the city hotel, Himanshu told Nagpur Today that Sagar Chawla approached him claiming himself to be the city chief of Shiv Sena Yuva Morcha a day prior to the pool party. Himanshu alleged that he demanded a sizeable amount (allegedly for party fund), free entry passes for him and his friends, free food and liquor at the pool party. He had allegedly threatened that failing to give these demands will land him in problems. Himanshu had categorically refused this demand of extortion.

DSC_0268 (9)Himanshu also clarified that all the guests were checked and their age verified and only after ascertaining that they are young adults that they were permitted to enter the pool party. He said that he has all the permissions required to hold the pool party.

He added that is it wrong for youngsters to don any attire they like? He said that there was no vulgarity or promiscuity that was permitted during the pool party. As organizer, Himanshu had hired bouncers who maintained discipline and orderliness among the youths having fun.

Himanshu claimed that Sagar Chawla and his friends had entered the venue forcibly and had started raising slogans, abusing the organizers, misbehaving with some of the female guests and others.

Apprehending a possible threat to their lives and reputation, the guests started running helter skelter in whatever attire they were in.

Nagpur Today wanted to verify facts and had called District chief of Shiv Sena Karan Tuli who categorically stated that Sagar Chawla is not connected with Shiv Sena in any manner.

In a video footage available with Nagpur Today, it is very evident that around 10 to 15 youth donning the typical Shiv Sena scarf (Dupatta) running towards the pool side raising slogans “Jai Bhavani and Jai Shivaji”. The footage clearly shows how Sagar Chawla and his friends forcibly entered the pool area and caused chaos among the guests. The chaos made the female guests running helter skelter was also captured in the footage. What happened next was worth noticing. Sagar Chawla and some of the guests getting into fisticuffs, right in front of the cops and the police not doing much to prevent the altercations was also captured in the footage.  The next scene shows how the police apprehend Sagar Chawla who had escaped to the other said of the road. He was brought to the police jeep and loaded on to the jeep and taken to the Sadar Police Station. However, what is surprising is that how and why the In-Charge Police Inspector PI Arun Mali took it on himself to bring about a compromise among the complainant and the offenders. Why did the police let go a person with prior criminal case of a similar nature?

Sources said that the complainant was pressured into taking back his complaint or face dire consequences through various calls made on his mobile. Why did the police not take a suo-moto cognizance of the entire episode and take action against the offenders? When the organizer had all the requisite permission, why had the police not depute or deploy some staff to maintain law and order during the party?