Published On : Fri, May 20th, 2016

Ordnance Factory Ambazhari utilizes revolutionary sewage treatment system

Ordnance Factory Ambazhari
:  Under the Indo-European project sponsored by Department of Science, a revolutionary Sewage Treatment System has become successful at Ordnance Factory Ambazhari.

This system is an Research and Development (R&D) Project and treats sewage flow of 100 m3/d.  The highlight of the system is that it has almost no maintenance as the treatment is based on natural method of recycling dirty water.

Completed in Dec 2015, the plant is now processing sewage generated in Ordnance Factory Ambazhari.  The process involves routing sewage through a chamber for primary clarification using gravity.  Then it is passed through an aerobic chamber to eliminate certain micro organisms followed by flowing through specially designed beds.  These beds also have plants like Typha Latipholia and Canna Indica, which are naturally found around nallahs and ponds and eliminate the dirty smell of the sewage.  These also absorb their sustenance and nutritions from the sludge of the sewage thus there is no requirement of disposal of the sludge or effluent.

Further, the effluent/water is routed for tertiary (fourth stage) treatment.  Here automated carbon filter and gravel filters are used for disinfection.  Thus the treated water is good enough for gardening, washing of cars and such usage.  This water can also be used for supporting Short Rotation Plants (SRP) which gives high commercial value.  As very little machinery is involved, the system is a cost effective, clean and income generating.  Localized sewage treatment for approximately 100 houses is implemented at Ordnance Factory Ambazhari.  The maintenance effort by Ordnance Factory Ambazhari and its experience in sewage treatment of this large scale coupled by guidance of NEERI Nagpur has made this possible.

This model can be used by housing projects of approximately 100 dwellings.  It can be a boon for colonies which do not have municipal facilities or sewage treatment facilities.  Scaling up or down of the system as per the requirement can make a good solution under the Make in India effort and also bring down the cost drastically making it economically viable.