Published On : Mon, Mar 14th, 2016

Oppn’s mentality ‘pro-builder’: Devendra Fadnavis

devendra-fadnavis-oppositionNagpur: “The State government has taken a decision to regularise the illegal construction works that were done till December 31, 2015. The decision has been taken, taking into consideration the problems of the common people. But some people are accusing us of having a pro-builder tendency. They don’t see the benefits the common people will have in the government decision” lamented chief minister Devendra Fadnavis while attacking the Opposition.

Illegal layouts

Devendra Fadnavis said that government had set 2001 as the limit to regularise all the illegal layouts. Many layouts however couldn’t get regularised by that date. This was a major problem for commoners who had invested their hard earned money into it. Though the plots and apartments were sold by the builders, but it’s the common people facing the problem now.

The government issued ordered for satellite mapping of the construction works done by March 31, 2015. All illegal works are done after that time, will get detected in the satellite mapping. These constructions will be demolished and the electricity and water connections will be snapped here. Fadnavis warned that if the builders don’t stop illegal works, they must be prepared to face legal consequences.

“The builders and developers are selling plots in the green belt through illegal means. Strict actions must be taken against them and they must be sent to jail”, appealed Nitin Gadkari to CM Fadnavis. If this issue is not taken seriously then such land scams will continue to haunt the citizens, said Gadkari. “It doesn’t matter if the seller is affiliated to any political party. Stringent actions will be taken against them” shot Gadkari.