Published On : Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

Only people who clean India can say Vande Mataram: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a students convention to mark the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekanandas Chicago address and Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya centenary celebrations.

The theme of the convention is Young India, New India.

>> Today is 9/11…this day became widely spoken about after 2001 but there was another 9/11 of 1893 which we remember. 125 years ago, there was a 9/11, when a young man from the country, wearing gerua-vastra, which the world wasnt acquainted with

>> Just with a few words, a youngster from India won over the world and showed the world the power of oneness. The 9/11 of 1893 was about love, harmony and brotherhood

>> Swami Vivekananda raised his voice against the social evils that has entered our society

>> Swami Vivekananda did not believe in sermonising. Swami Vivekananda converted ideas to idealism and made an institutional framework… He gave birth to Ramkrishna Mission Ashram, not Vivekananda Mission Ashram

>> Do we have the right to say Vande Mataram? We eat paan and spit it out and then say Vande Mataram, we litter and say Vande Mataram? If anyone has the right to say Vande Mataram in the country, it is the people who clean the country

>> I want to specially mention all those people who are working tirelessly to keep India clean… We clean the country or not, we dont have the right to litter