Published On : Fri, Mar 19th, 2021

Online Dating Trends In India: 2021 Economic Forecast


2020 was a tough year with all the restrictions, lockdowns, and social distancing norms. Following this, more people joined online dating apps to curb loneliness and find the love of their lives. Online dating in India is a convenient way for people to find love, and it kills boredom and makes one still feel appreciated and wanted.

Virtual dating slowly became a favourite for most Indian singles looking for love, short, and long term commitments. This has formed several trends that will affect the general way of living and India’s economic stats. Let’s explore these trends in depth.

Trends in Online Dating 2021

Through the months of isolation and social distancing, most people chose to move to online dating sites and apps to pursue more meaningful relationships. This was more convenient considering all the time they have on their hands. In the last months of 2020, it was found that dating apps and sites have approximately 70%, new users.


Online dating will continue to prosper in this century

Online dating has hugely increased in popularity following the restrictions on social gatherings and meetings. In the past year, people were locked indoors with barely any interaction, which brought about a spike in online dating. It is now an adopted culture in India and worldwide. Online dating offers you a large pool of prospects with the same interests as you. If you want a casual date, you will find that casual date online.

More people now desire commitment

In most online dating sites and apps, the entrants must input details of what they want or desire. According to research, it has been found that most people want meaningful relationships, such as friendships and romantic relations.

The research showed that the average time for a user on an app or dating site has increased to eleven minutes, unlike previously when it was just a pass on the profiles checking for beauty and physical features. People now seek to know the other partner more and deeper before making a final verdict.

Interesting to Know:

  • Dating apps will be valued at $100 million in the next five to eight years
  • There has been a spike of over 20% in the number of new entrants in the online dating scene, clients, and providers
  • The online dating market will rise in this century in earnings and the numbers of services.

The average age of users will drop

Previously, the least age you could have found online dating was 29. It has dropped to 25 and is expected to even drop further as more young people are normalising the idea of online dating. With the legal age being 18, it may get to that as a minimum. Many dating sites only allow people aged 18 and above to use their dating and matchmaking services.

More women have embraced online dating

More women have embraced the idea of online dating. Those in the dating sites are no longer viewed as desperate. In recent research by, it was found that women open the app almost 50 times a day while men do so about 24 times every day. Women use the app twice as much as men and are no longer victimised. This means that online dating is now a culture widely accepted in different parts of India and the world.

Dating apps are the new chatting spot for couples

Chats for users have increased from 350,000 to slightly over 500,000 per day. People chat a lot on these dating sites and apps, which contributes to these platforms’ success. Additionally, with more people letting go of their low confidence, these sites have experienced more accurate and verified profiles, which boosts these dating sites’ legitimacy. People trust them.

Indian singles love video calling

Who wouldn’t want to see their prospective dates? Indians are fond of video calling on these platforms. While some may prefer messaging or normal calling, Indians want video calls to enhance intimacy, closeness, and connection. This has prompted most dating sites to bring in the video calling feature and stay abreast with the changes.

Online dating is an acceptable way of finding love

The judgement surrounding online dating has reduced as the way has been accepted for dating. There are different ways to find the love of your life, and what is ideal for you might be different from another person’s view. With the acceptance of online dating, more people feel more comfortable dating online.

Revenues for online dating will continue to increase

Following all the online dating successes, the revenues will continue to increase for the developers and company owners. These entities will also develop more apps to foster convenience for online daters.

Apps will use demographic-based criteria for matching

With the increased number of online daters, there will be more advancements and specialisation in the matching criteria. The latest one is matching online daters to their potential spouses through demographics.

Did you know?

  • The stigma of online dating has reduced by 55%.
  • One-third of the people using online dating have never gone for an actual date with the people.
  • Every one-in-five online daters have asked someone else to help them with their profiles.
  • 5% of Indians in marriage or committed relationships say that they met their significant other online.


Digital technology and smartphones have transformed a lot of things and activities; dating is no exception. Today, people can date whoever they want from whichever race or continent.

The notion that people who use online dating are desperate has been crushed and changed to online dating is a great way to meet people. In the coming years, it is expected that more people will move to online dating due to its convenience and ease of access.

More online dating apps and companies will develop better strategies to match people to their potential spouses in India and away, but you can get advice at Asian Dating Journal. This will breed more revenue in the online dating industry. It will be a win-win for all sides.