Published On : Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

Prisoner missing in Nagpur Central Jail found hiding inside the premises


Nagpur: Latest Update at 11:30 pm: Prisoner who was said to have escaped was found hiding inside the jail, no official confirmation has been made yet. Earlier at 10 pm Jail officer has raised the siren declaring the escape of prisoner from the Jail.

Earlier it was reported that a prisoner is said to have escaped from the Nagpur Central Prison premises late in the afternoon on February 10, 2016.

According to information, the prisoner has escaped from within the jail premises. However, assuming the prisoner to be hiding somewhere, the entire prison staff swung into action and are said to be involved in checking every nook and corner of the Central Jail Premises till around 9 pm.

All those convicts, under-trials and prisoners who were taken to the courts were not taken in till 9 pm. All the convicts or prisoners were with-hold at the special enclosure situated near the main gate of Nagpur Central Jail.

One police constable who was on the escort duty of the prison had gone inside to enquire how long they will have to wait had come out and told his colleagues that unofficially it was relayed that the prisoner could not be traced or located inside the Jail premises.

According to the cops standing outside, Cops who have brought 80 to 90 prisoners from Narkhed, Yavatmal, Gondia and other places too are made to stand outside from 5 pm to 9:30 pm. Some of the prisoners are even said to be complaining of stomach pain.

The Cops from the Rural Police who were present inside the Nagpur Central Jail to deposit the prisoners back from the court were asked to inform their control room to relay the matter to all the police stations under the jurisdiction of Rural Police.

Till the time of filing the story, the news of the escape of the prisoner was not even relayed or informed to the top officials of Nagpur City Police.

The Superintendent of Police, In-Charge of Dhantoli Police Station are not even responding to the telephone calls.

Cops irked with delay
Cops from all police-stations who had come to deposit the prisoners or under-trial prisoners from the court were irked and expressed their ire. They said that they had started in the morning and did not even had decent meals.

They all said that they are hungry and desperate to finish their duty of depositing the prisoners back and go home. However the prison officials were not even coming forth to relay the exact news and how much more time will be required to search and locate the escaped or hiding prisoner.