Published On : Wed, May 13th, 2015

One girl rescued from flesh trade


Nagpur: Many often generalize that women are the worst enemies for other women. In a similar case, one girl was rescued from flesh trade while the madamme and the lady who provided her rented house for flesh trade was arrested at a pre-planned raid by the Social Security Branch of Nagpur Crime Branch on May 13, 2015.

The Social Security Branch of Nagpur Crime Branch had received a secret tip off that flesh trade is going on in a rented house in Gaddigodam area. Based on the tip-off, the Police Personnel of Social Security Branch of Nagpur Crime Branch made a punter (fake customer) to call-up the madamme.

The accused lady has been identified as Vaishali Phathulal Meshram aged 40 years and a resident of a rented house of Rahul Patil, Mota Vihar, Bhandar Mohallah, Jaripatka.

The punter called Vaishali Phathulal Meshram and had demanded two girls to satiate his lust. However, the lady accused had claimed that two girls were not available today (i.e. may 13, 2015) and that one can be arranged. The deal was settled for rupees two thousand per hour per client.

When the punter reached Sadar, the rendezvous point, the lady accused informed him on his mobile number that the meeting spot has been changed to Indora Square. When the punter reached Indora Square, she again shifted the meeting point to Gaddigodam square. When the punter reached Gaddigodam square, she took the punter to the rented accommodation of another accused lady identified as Pratibha Mukesh Borkar aged 49 years and a resident of a rented house, near Gadigodam Masjid.

On receipt of the signal from the punter, the team of police personnel of Social Security Branch of Nagpur Crime Branch raided that house and rescued one girl aged 27 years. The police sources said that the accused Vaishali Meshram used to lure poor young girls into flesh trade to fulfill their financial requirements.

The entire raid was conducted after ascertaining the information and under the instructions of Additional Commissioner of Police Shrikant Tawde, Deputy Commissioner of Police Deepali Masirkar and under the guidance of Assistant Police Commissioner Nilesh Raut of Crime Branch, Nagpur, Senior Police Inspector B M Powar, Assistant Police Inspector Gorade Woman Police Sub-Inspector Sonali Patil, Woman Police Sub-Inspector Amita Jaipurkar, Police Constables Pandurang Nikure, Prakash Sidam, Sanjay Pande, Gopal Vaidhya, Ajay Ghatod, Yogesh Ghodki, Manoj Singh Chauhan, Praful Bondre, Woman Police Constable Surekha Sandekar, Asmita Meshram and Anita Dhurve, Police Constable Nilesh Wadekar and Photographer Rewatkar, Social Activist Advocate Kalyani Kapse, conducted a raid on the spot.