Published On : Thu, Jan 29th, 2015

One Down: Now hunger strike to demand ban on liquor in Yavatmal too



In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti Chief Kishor Tiwari, said that he had taken up the issue of farmers’ suicides, and had lodged complaints several times against those selling liquor in the villages to the farmers. He claimed that these farmers often develop the addiction to liquor and often becomes the cause for their death. However, not even once was a non-cognizable case registered against those selling liquor. He claimed that having taken up the cause of farmers most of the leaders allegedly claimed that most of the farmers who had committed suicide were addicted to liquor.

Kishore Tiwari claimed that they have been agitating and demanding a total ban of sale of liquor from 2011. According to him, the Chairman of Kelkar Committee which was constituted to study the causes of farmer’s suicide had recommended that places like Yavatmal which are at extreme distance should have a total ban on liquor.

Bottling plants manufacturing illicit & spurious liquor using chemicals
Tiwari also claimed that in the past two-three years, many bottling plants have come-up which is making illicit and spurious liquor using chemicals instead of organic ingredients. This has caused many liquor induced death too.

Remarkable sale
Kishore Tiwari claimed that in the last 7 years from 2007, the sale of liquor rose from 20,00,000/-(Twenty lakh) litres to 2, 40,00,000/-(two crore forty lakh) litres. Tiwari claimed that each liquor company hikes its sales’ target every-year and achieves it.

Round the clock sale
Kishore Tiwari claimed that one can observe that liquor shops are open round the clock and is made available in dabhas (road-side eatries) without liquor permits too. Those who are prevented from imbibing liquor in the villages go to nearby town and enjoy liquor before returning to the villages.

Over 5,000 women hailing from the adjoining Yavatmal are planning to stage a hunger-strike in front of the district collector’s office to stress for their demand of total ban on liquor in the entire Yavatmal district in the lines of total ban in Wardha and Yavatmal district.

The Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti headed by Kishore Tiwari and Adivasi Mahila Sangarsha Samiti have appealed to the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to pass a Government Resolution for total ban of liquor in the district. Other socially active organisations are said to join the dharna.

Tiwari said that they are demanding for a total ban on liquor in the district of Yavatmal which is said to be the epicentre of farmers’ suicide, at par with the adjoining district of Wardha and Chandrapur.