Published On : Mon, Sep 28th, 2015

Old rivalry results in murder of goon


Nagpur: Old rivalry between two goons led to the murder of one in a case of ‘Supari’ killing. Police said that the accused Wasim alias Chirya, a known gangster of Shanti Nagar area, abducted his rival Anwar alias Chandi Wahab with the help of his accomplices and murdered him after taking him to a farm house in Kalamna.

Wasim was given a ‘Supari’ by some gangsters in Kamptee to kill Anwar, it was learnt. The accused Wasim and one of his accomplice Nisar Nayak are absconding since then though cops were able to arrest five more people involved in the crime.

Police said that on September 22, Wasim took Anwar to a bar at Kamptee road on the pretext of partying. After drinking, Anwar was taken to the house of another accused Basit located at Indira Mata Nagar. Sources disclosed that Basit owns a gambling den at Indira Mata Nagar. From there, Anwar was taken to an old house located at Kalamna where everyone drank heavily, after which Anwar was stabbed to death. Thereafter, the body of Anwar was taken to a village near Kamptee in a car and was thrown in a nullah.

Meanwhile, Anwar’s family members started a search for Anwar as he was missing. They talked to his friends about his whereabouts as Eid was nearing. They found out that Anwar was seen with Wasim on September 22 at a garden in Shanti Nagar, after which he has been missing. This raised the suspicion of the family members. They lodged a complaint with Lakadganj police station.

It was not difficult for the police to figure out what must have happened and they started looking out for Wasim and his accomplices. Police learnt that Anwar was seen with the friends of Anwar in Yashodhara Nagar after which a case of ‘missing’ was lodged at Yashodhara Nagar police station.

The Yashodhara Nagar police started probe in the matter with the help of crime branch. They interrogated Wasim’s friends including Chhota Wasim, Basit, Baba, Golu and Nisar. All of them tried to deceive and mislead the cops.

Thorough interrogation of Anwar’s accomplices resulted in the confession by them about Anwar’s killing at a farm house in Kalamna. They also confessed of having conspired and helping the body to be disposed off.

Sources in police department revealed that some known gangsters of Kamptee are behind the murder of Anwar. Police suspect that Anwar’s murder was a case of ‘Supari’ killing.