Published On : Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

“Oh Kanha! Your mere touch washed away all sins of mine”

Nagpur: Numerous religious scriptures have described the various incidents from the life of Shri Krishna, and ‘Shri Dasam Granth’ is one of those, which has been compiled by 10th Guru of Sikhism, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Dasam Granth is present at many prominent Gurudwaras of India, including the likes of Takht Sachkhand at Shri Hajoor Sahib (Nanded) and Shri Patna Sahib. Shri Guru Gobind Singh has described as many as 24 Hindu Avatars in Shri Dasam Granth, of which Shri Krishna is the 21st Avatar.

Guruji says that it was the day of worshipping Mata Chandika Devi, who killed the demons Shumbh and Nishumbh and was known by the name of ‘Abhed Jagat Mata’; she had 8 arms, and she always helped the sages by relieving them of their sorrows. All the residents of Brij were moving towards the outskirts of Brij to worship her. Even Mata Yashoda was amongst them, along with her sons Shri Krishna and Balram. Various offerings and prayers were being made to Mata Chandika and Lord Shiva.

When Nand Baba, the father of Shri Krishna and Balram, was worshipping, suddenly a huge serpent emerged and swallowed his entire body. That serpent seemed like a humongous tree. Everybody present there beat the serpent in an attempt to free Nand Baba, to which the serpent responded by making a loud hissing noise. On getting tired of this, they all turned towards Shri Krishna and Balram, and said, “You free all people of their sorrows and kill demons.” Nand Baba also called on Shri Krishna from the serpent’s body. He shouted, “I have been swallowed by this huge serpent. Kill this snake, or else I will lose my life.” Just like a physician is consulted when people suffer from ailments, Avatars are remembered for help when people are in trouble. On hearing his father’s voice, Shri Krishna attacked and cut the serpent’s body and freed Nand Baba. Because of Shri Krishna’s divine touch on his body, that serpent turned into a graceful human form. On being asked, he said that in his previous birth, he was a Brahmin, named Sudarshan.

Describing his beauty, Shri Guru Gobind Singh says that it seemed that the touch of Shri Krishna brought the grace of moon in the serpent’s body, which now attained a human form. Omniscient Shri Krishna smiled and asked as to how he turned into a snake. He folded his hands before Shri Krishna and said, “Oh Lord! You are the care taker of this world and relieve everyone of their sorrows! You know everything, but since you are asking, I’ll tell you. Once I had made fun of the son of Maharshi Atri, as a result of which he cursed me to become a snake. His curse turned out to be true and I attained the form of a snake. Oh Lord Krishna! It is only because of your touch that all my sins are washed away and I am back to my human form.” This incident has been described in Dasam Granth as follows: “Kaanha Tumai Tanu Chhoovat Hi Tan Ko Sabh Paap Paraai Gayo Hai”.

All the residents of Brij sang songs of praise for his act of bravery. Melodious songs in Sorath, Sarang, Shuddh Malhar and Bilaval Ragas were sung, and everyone present there was delighted from the bottom of their hearts. After completing all the activities of worship, Shri Krishna and Balram returned to Brij.

In this way, many episodes from the life of Shri Krishna have been beautifully described by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji in a poetic manner in 11,092 Chhandas in Dasam Granth. Lakhs of salutes to great Shri Krishna!