Published On : Fri, Jun 17th, 2016

Of “Recovery Squad” of Traffic Department and the transfers


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Nagpur: Transfers in any government department is a common phenomenon. Only the reasons vary. But a “department” in Traffic Police Department is different. This “different department” could be called “The Recovery Department.” A class of personnel deployed in this ‘different’ department are not transferred “easily” unless and until exigencies demand.

However, the transfers effected in Traffic Department recently was the talking point in many circles. A few personnel who were to retire from service within one and half month were shifted on “whimsical grounds.” At the same time, there were strict orders (from higher officials) not to touch three constables and three head constables. These six men were a blessed lot at Inspector-ACP level. These ‘blessed’ policemen are part of the “Recovery Department.” And in the past 5-6 years of deployment has made these six men the matured ones and are not touched by transfers. The “Recovery Department” or “Squad” is in every section of Traffic Department. And it has a target too. The practice is not new. It is age old. There is a sort of ‘competition’ among personnel to get in the ‘beat,’ of course at a cost. The Duty Officer allocates the ‘Malaidar’ beat according to the gains. The “gains” are shared among the top.

The “Recovery Department” or “Squad” comprises Dineshs, Sandeeps, Maheshs, Arvinds, Sanjays et al. These personnel are not transferred or transferred to the sections within Traffic Department.

According to some police personnel, names of many who appear in the list of transferred is not right and do not need to get transferred.

According some policemen, a Government Resolution says that those who have only a month or two for their retirement should not be transferred and should be allowed to continue in the existing posting. However, surprisingly those policemen’s names also appeared in the list. The cops allege that this is a clear violation of the Government Resolution.

Another surprising fact that came to fore is the names of those policemen/women who have completed 6-7 years in the same posting or police station and should be transferred out to some other police station or department do not appear in the list. Some cops allege that a significant amount is paid to the senior officials so that they do not get transferred out.

Some cops even alleged that those corrupt cops who bring in good revenue by unfair means are retained in their posts so that they could continue to bring them a big share of the bribes or collection from offenders (who are let out in return for some financial gains). Many cops alleged that these cops are good at buttering the seniors and remain in the good books and in-turn ensuring that they are never transferred out of plum money earning departments or posts.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )