Published On : Tue, Jul 7th, 2015

NVCC election on July 12 bears a look of cross-sword fight



Nagpur: While the scheduled date of election of the new executive council of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce (NVCC) is nearing, the pre-election scenario has become seemingly very interesting. It is because some of the members are in a joyous mood of wait-and-watch the game while others are mischievously planning to spoil the game-plan by creating maximum possible hurdles against the winning horse in the race. And there are even others who derive joy in leg-pulling act. However, July 12 will make every thing crystal clear when the general body meeting assembles to elect new body.

It may be noted that the existing office-bearer of NVCC, Prakash Mehadiya enjoys of support of the steering committee members for becoming the NVCC president for the year 2015-16. Besides, there are hundreds of NVCC members who like him for his farsightedness and long experience of social service. But, he is said to be lacking the professional manoeuvring and legal knowledge.


At the same time, the Gujarati lobby in the chamber is interested in winning the favour of steering committee to get the existing president of NVCC, Mayur Panchmatiya re-elected to the post.

Giving a new twist to the electoral issue of NVCC, a lobby of a former NVCC president, Ajay Madan, neither likes Prakash Mehadiya nor Mayur Panchmatiya; rather it is keen in seeing the president of Agrasen Mandal as the new president of NVCC.

It is interesting to note that the Agrasen Mandal president, being a relative of Mehadiya, does not want to contest against him. It is gathered that the opponents of Mehadiya are keen in fielding a new candidate against him (Mehadiya) to make the election more complicatedly interesting.

It is also assumed that the tactics of ‘unanimously elected’ may also be used in the general body election on July 12.



 – Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )