Published On : Sat, Jul 11th, 2015

NVCC Election: Mehadia, Vyas confident of smooth sail!


Nagpur: While the annual general election of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce (NVCC)  to be held on July 12, as per postponement of date, the interested contestants in the fray are full of enthusiasm and so are voters who will be electing the 31-member executive council of NVCC.

Under recent developments, the steering committee of the Chamber, as it had earlier assured, has decided to elect Prakash Mehadia (current office-bearer, NVCC) as its new president. Similarly, the steering committee has finalized the name of Raju Vyas as its new Chamber secretary, the credit of which goes to Mehadia only. This being the scenario, the election to major posts has reached the threshold of ‘unanimity.’

According to sources, both Mahedia and Vyas, with a view to thwart the opponents, made new members of NVCC, ranging from 75 to 100. While Mehadia made 50 members, Vyas made 30 members by paying their registration fee Rs 2815 and annual membership fee Rs 360 respectively for each new member from their own pockets. It implies that both must have spent in lakhs.

What is surprising is that though Mehadia and Vyas do not possess the requisite experience of business-related complications in the wake of changing government rules and administration, but no has dare to oppose the steering committee’s decision. However, the opponents of Mehadia and Vyas camps are intending to put forward some ‘impudent’ candidate which they are still hunting for.

When Nagpur Today contacted certain members in this regard, they replied candidly, “khulkar support karoge to chunav ladenge, varna ‘gorilla war’ mein koi dilchaspi nahi hai” (Election will be contested only if open support is extended, there is no interest in guerilla war).

It is guessed that the election-mood is likely to be disrupted by fielding some ‘impudent’ contestant.