Published On : Sun, Mar 29th, 2015

NVCC delegates meets Chief Minister

Nagpur: A delegation of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce lead by Mayur Panchmatiya, President met Devendra Fadnavis and presented a memorandum about the decision taken by BJP Government for justifying the abolition of LBT from 1st August, 2015. Chief Minister Fadnavis gave a warm respect to the delegation of NVCC & traders. President Mayur Panchmatiya gave a formal invitation to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, we whole heartedly want you to come NVCC Hall to meet the members of our trade associations awaiting eagerly to glorify your victory as Chief Minister & who has brought laurels to our City.

NVCC President Mayur Panchmatiya submitted memorandum related to LBT & Amenesty Scheme. The memorandum states to justify the meeting which was held under the leadership of Mohanji Gurnani, President, FAM & Representatives of traders of 26 MC at Mumbai, where Hon’ble Chief Minister gave assurance about LBT/Octroi to be abolished from 1st April, 2015.

Our demands would have been justified and your Party’s decision would have been dignified if the decision to abolish LBT would have been from 1st April instead of 1st August as declared. It seems there are some hurdles to the government in bringing out alternatives to scrap LBT. MEDC report was given during pre-election period as an amicable solution for LBT in lieu of Octroi. Amenesty scheme for payment of arrears to be announced with immediate effect and there should not be any further scrutiny of any manner, of any trade or industry members. Interest & penalty should be given total grant on unpaid dues stipulated time should be given for traders willing to pay.

We assure revenue of State will boom on the announcement of amenesty scheme, as traders are willing to pay LBT on entry of goods under Amenesty if announced in proper schedule & framework. Federation of Associations of Maharashtra & Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce shall further persuade, traders to make the scheme successful & persuade traders in all 26 Municipal Corporations to give self-declaration.

This account based taxation policy have created fear & panic due to way of collection in form of raids & bank account sealing etc. Past President Prfullbhai Doshi further briefed to the Chief Minister and said that we are not evaders of tax as we think government requires revenue for development of city

Chief Minister gave full assurance about the announcement of Amenesty scheme very shortly Past President Nilesh Suchak, said that Issues pertaining to weights & measure rules & regulations are stringent & were address to Chief Minister. Rules framed in 1986, frameworks were amended and amalgamation of all previous act was done in the year 2009 by Central Government. As & when the weighing machine gets out of order,user has to obtain the permission for opening the seal from area inspector. This procedure would take much time & they have to suspend their trade.

Time limit for weighing machine is for 1 year. Due to sealing of the machine, number of problems they have to experience many problems. In case of non-working of weighing machine they have to make complaint to concern to the officer of the department. In case the concerned officer is not available they have to wait for 8/10 days. This will cause hardships to trader.

There are 1 lakh and above weighing machine in the city and the department has only 8 inspectors for inspection the survey to visit on each an every shop is practically impossible. In new framework of laws Private Agencies for being banned for certification. Chamber demanded to restore the agencies working for efficiency of the traders Power vests with State Government for its enforcement, an immediate action was taken by dynamic Chief Minister he called the concerned minister  Girishji Bapat to resolve the issue.

Anaj Bazar President Santosh Agrawal & Secretary, Pratap Motwani brought in to the notice of Chief Minister about cess on Rice and discussed the issue.

A corrigendum issued by State Government about the amendments in the LBT rates was brought to the notice of the Chief Minister by Kirit Panchmatia, the effective date of implementation of LBT Rule 49 (1) collection of Local Body Tax in excess of amount of tax payable is not allowed. In view of the fact and circumstances explained to him NVCC wants to intervene in this matter an arrange to get the clarification of effective date of implementation of corrigendum.

About LBT he clearly said that doubt created by leaders of opposition parties about its implementation from 1st August, 2015, are false hence the traders should ignore the rumours. He has given his consent to have an interactive meet with the members of NVCC after the Assembly Session.

Prominent present were Sarva Prafullbhai Doshi, Nilesh Suchak, Hemant Khungar, Manubhai Soni, Raju Vyas, Sachin Puniyani, Arjundas Ahuja, Santosh Agrawal, Pratap Motwani, Vijay Kewalramani, Dilip Thakral, Bhaskar D. Ambade, Ramesh Umathe, Shankar Sugandh, Ashok Wadhwani, Prakash Wadhmare, Kirit Panchmatia, Arvind Kotecha, Hastimal Kartaria, A.K.Deshpande, Kishor Paliwal, Sandesh Kanoje, Vijay Chandak, H. R. Atlakar, Pictor & others, states in a press note issued by Manubhai Soni, Hon. Secretary of Chamber.