Published On : Thu, Jul 5th, 2018

NRT 83 folks pack colors frenzy for noble cause

Vinitaa and Sharad Agrawal | Rahul Dalmiya

Nagpur Round Table 83 members know very well how to keep the excitement quotient super high. Recently NRT 83 people organised social meet at a city based hotel to spend some quality time with each other and bond over drinks and conversations. The theme of the party was a fascinating play of colours in role reversal! It means men in pink and ladies in blue, wow, isn’t it exciting? It certainly is… Jaspreet and Jairaj Lamba, Ajay Chandwani and Heena & Ritesh Saraf were the hosts were for the fun filled evening.

Members of NRT also discussed about their achievements they have made in the past, and their future plans that will be of some help to society in some way or the other. The main motto of gathering was to encourage good work and healthy spirit of well being for each other. All the members strive to their best possibility to do their bit in improving society,

The members of the NRT83 kept arriving at the venue with their better half . where women engaged in tete-a-tete with their gal pals, whereas men were engrossed in relishing beverages. The ambience was adorned with balloons, glistening light and Jam session. The music soothed the atmosphere with songs such as ‘Yeh dosti ham nahi todenge’, ‘tere jaisa yaar kahan’, since the party was thrown to cherish friendship.

Ajay Chandwani

Heena and Ritesh Saraf

Madhuri & Kapil Hirani

Jaspreet and Jayraj Lamba

Dr. Abha and Sandeep Soni

Madhusudan and Anurag

Ashwini and Kartik Shukul