Published On : Tue, Feb 24th, 2015

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TTwitter has now started rolling out 'While you were away'

Twitter has now started rolling out ‘While you were away’ feature to Android users. The new Twitter feature, earlier available on iOS version, shows a recap of some of the top Tweets you might have missed from accounts you follow. The new feature also marks Twitter’s change in Newsfeed that has so far displayed content chronologically.

With the While you were away feature, like Facebook’s News Feed, you will get to see important tweets that you might have missed out on. “Our goal is to help you keep up – or catch up – with your world, no matter how much time you spend on Twitter. With a few improvements to the home timeline we think we can do a better job of delivering on that promise without compromising the real time nature of Twitter,” Twitter had said in a post. Update!

Twitter has been working to improve its service and compete with other social networking sites, especially Facebook. It has also focussed on multimedia with video integrations and Instagram-like photo filters.