Now Industrial houses, corporate groups can have right for semi-naming metro stations

Nagpur Metro
Nagpur: Maha Metro Nagpur has unveiled a unique strategy to involve the industrial, business houses and corporate groups in its developmental plans for its Metro Stations. The plan involves semi-naming of metro station after the business houses or corporate groups. For this three upcoming metro stations like Khapri, Airport South and New Airport are open for bidding. The group will have the right to semi name Metro Stations fro a pre-determined period.

The industrial houses and corporate groups have widely welcomed the move of Semi-naming a metro station is just one of the multiple advantages that the corporate house would avail of. The group’s logo/signage would be on display with the Metro Station board or placard. And even that’s not all. The group, which has claimed the stations’ semi-naming rights, can play its advertisements on the LCD/LCD screens/panels placed inside the station.

A group can play upto a whopping 300 minutes of advertisements per day, That is close to 30 % of total working hours in a day. The group will not have to pay any money for 300 minutes or full five hours of advertisement air time.

Tenders were floated for this purpose on 4 December, last year and the last date for bidding is 12th January 2018. Tenders details can be availed of from Maha Metro Nagpur web-site. The lease license is valid for 10 years. In other words a corporate group can brand its products for a decade at a Metro Station to be frequented by hundreds and thousands of passengers every day.

Maha Metro, thus, has opened new vistas in Nagpur as far as product branding is concerned. This new concept is all set to revolutionize the way product branding is done.