Published On : Tue, Sep 29th, 2015

Now government servants to receive ’cause of proposed transfer’!


Nagpur: Transfers of officers and employees in government departments are quite common. Some times a transfer is considered either a punishment or a boon, and at times it is a routine in administrative functioning. Uptill now the transfers were done without assigning the reason or cause of transfer. But henceforth, as decided by the state government, the staffers and officers will be receiving in advance the cause or reason of their proposed transfer from the competent authority, in case their transfer is made before time or term (minimum 3 years).

Usually, the transfers in the government are made after a period of three years. But as a result of dissatisfactory performance, complaint, punishment, political ground, etc., the before time transfers are made. There have been precedents when employees have approached the higher courts against their illegal or illogical or intermittent transfers, and received relief from the court.

The state government was not receiving information about mid-term transfers, so it was unhappy over this aspect. Now, the state government has set up a board to decide the mid-term transfers. Henceforth, the senior official or transferring authority will have to inform the board about transfers, and also seek the opinion of the employees to be transferred.