Published On : Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

Notorious goon involved in chain-snatching, house-breaking, other crimes, nabbed


Nagpur: A notorious criminal, involved in around 40 offences including chain-snatching, house-breaking, vehicle lifting etc in Nagpur and other cities, was nabbed by Nandanvan police. Valuables worth over Rs 2.90 lakh were seized from the possession of the criminal.

Nandanvan Police Constable Kishore Malokar and his team , while on a patrol duty, received a tiff-off that the notorious criminal Harish Arun Charde had arrived at the Nandanvan slums and squandering money heavily with friends on gambling. Armed with the information, the cops rushed to the spot. But after spotting the cops, the goon fled from the spot. However, the cops chased him and succeeded in nabbing the goon Harish Charde (26), resident of Nandanvan Slums. He was brought to the police station and was subjected to intense questioning. Upon frisking of Harish, cops found him possessing two gold chains of 15 gms each worth Rs 40,000, cash of Rs 1760. Further investigation revealed the goon had stolen the two gold chains, four bangles, one necklace, a mangalsutra and cash of Rs 5000 from a house in Karanja Ghadge. The notorious criminal, except two gold chains, had mortgaged other booty with a person and was spending the money heavily.

Subsequently, Nandanvan cops contacted API Vinod Chaudhary of Karanja Ghadge Police Station for further information. API Chaudhary said that an offence 224/16 under Sections 454, 457, 380 was registered against Harish Charde. Later, Nandanvan and Karanja Ghadge police jointly recovered the stolen but mortgaged four bangles worth Rs 1 lakh, a necklace of Rs 60,000 and mangalsutra worth Rs 50000 collectively valued at Rs 2,51,760.