Published On : Fri, Jul 11th, 2014

Notorious criminal Durgesh Pasarkar finally apprehended


Nagpur News 

One can’t escape from the law for long time. Police catches up with them and they land in prisons. A notorious criminal Durgesh Pasarkar was finally apprehended by Imamwada Police personnel late on July 10, 2014. While frisking him, they found a dagger from his possession. If police sources are to be believed, there are as many as 23 criminal cases registered in various police-stations of the city against Durgesh.

The Imambada Police Personnel had apprehended Durgesh during their routine patrolling. While frisking him, they got a sharp edged dagger from his possessions. The Imambada police had received a tip that one of the notorious criminals named Durgesh Pasarkar is seen moving about in a very suspicious manner. Based on the tip, the Imambada police had laid a trap and arrested Durgesh. When they frisked him, they found a sharp-edged dagger from his possessions.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, the In-charge PI of Imamwada Police Station Anand Nerlekar said that Durgesh has 23 different criminal cases registered against him in police stations. These crimes include theft, threatening to kill them. However, many other cases that are registered against him said PI Nerlekar. If we are to believe Durgesh, as he claimed he had fear of his life and is carrying a dagger for self protection.
However, the police have registered a case against Durgesh Pasarkar and are investigating about the dagger.