Published On : Thu, Mar 19th, 2015

Notorious burglar arrested: 52.2 grams of gold recovered

IMG_4333Nagpur: As they rightly say, luck just ran out on a habitual burglar. Some people just spoil their whole life in their quest to earn a living. While most chose the right, socially accepted path, a burglar identified as Praveen Vinayak Aleewar aged 46 years and hailing from Chandrapur was finally apprehended by the Detective Branch of Gittikhadan Police Station.

The accused Praveen arrived in the city a few years ago from Chandrapur. He used to be tailor. However, for best reasons known to him alone, he left his parental home in Chandrapur and came to the city in 2005.

Since he did not have any house to live in, he used to sleep on the foot-path. When his money ran out, he committed burglary. He was apprehended and was jailed too. He was released from the Central Jail one year ago.

He used to live on the foot-path and prowl in the nights with an iron rod. When he found a locked house, he used to enter the house by breaking the lock. He used to steal only gold and silver ornaments which are easier to be disposed off.

There were four cases of burglary in Gittikhadan area alone. The police personnel of the Detective Branch of Gittikhadan Police Station were investigating the case. When they saw the man moving in an area without any justifiable cause, they picked him up and questioned him only to be revealed that he was the burglar for so many undetected cases. The police personnel recovered 52.2 grams of Gold worth Rupees one lakh forty four thousand (Rs 1, 44,000/-) from his possession.

The entire operation was under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone-2 Sanjay Latkar and Police Inspector In-Charge of Gittikhadan Police Station Sunil Bonde by Assistant Police Inspector Bobde, Head Constable Rajesh Loohi, Police Constable Ankush Inwate and Roshan Nandekar of the Detective Branch.


Pics by Vinay Thorat