Published On : Wed, May 1st, 2019

Not just Human chain – Human tidal wave at Futala says a firm NO to chopping Bharatvan!!!

Will NMC listen at least now??

Nagpur feel proud of your youngsters today! They have their hearts in the right place. They have shown today that preserving the environment, fighting Climate Change and preserving trees all matter to them.

When the Bharat Nagar residents, and others, formed the group called Apna Van Bharatvan and called for a human chain to protest the proposed felling of hundreds of trees, both mature and young, for the creation of an (unwanted and not needed ) alternate to Futala road, they expected a maximum of 1000 perspns to participate.

They were stunned when between 3500 to 4000 people turned up; maximum youth.

There were school kids from schools like Saraswati Vidyalaya, CDS, Modern School, Centre Point and others. Saraswati Vidyalaya gave an incentive of 25 marks extra in final exams to students who participate in the huma chain. Saraswati is our C.M.’s alma mater – is he listening at least?

Colleges like Raisoni, Veternary college, Medical students also participated. Actually, the Indian Medical Association participated and lent support to the endeavour.

Many NGOs and city organizations participated. There were people standing right across the Futala lake road, right from where it begins from Amraoti road!

There is no time to lose. Trees that are “to go” ( chopped down mercilessly) have already been numbered. NT saw more than 200 targeted huge trees. The number of young trees that will be cut down are too many to be numbered. Any sane person can see that this is mindless destruction to build a 500 meters road ‘extension’: the official reason stated is an alternate to the Futala lake road which will be closed down for ‘beautification’!

“What kind of beautification is this that takes a toll on the city’s only remaining urban forest? Do not spend hundreds of crores on such meaningless projects please! Provide basic amenities to Nagpurians; build up the crumbling Corporation Schools, build more hospitals, use the money where it matters. Save our trees please!” Angry and concerned citizens are saying.

If officials – elected and appointed both – don’t listen it will affect their own credibility. It will be a massive tragedy for Nagpur.

Nagpur Today hopes better sense will prevail…

– Sunita Mudaliar, Executive Editor