Published On : Tue, May 6th, 2014

No water cooler leaves girls at Varsity hostel thirsty

Nagpur News.

A wholesome platter of meals served across the table but without water…Obviously you won’t eat it!  This is exactly what is happening in the University Girls Hostel at North Ambazari Road here, where a water cooler has been delivered long before but not yet functional. The girls in the hostel are in utmost distress as they had to do away without cold relief to their thirsty throats.  The authorities and the hostel administration have reportedly not bothered to install the cooler yet. In this hot summer, where a glass of cold water is certainly a welcome thing, these girls are denied that.

Why? The lethargic, non-committal and irresponsible attitude of the hostel & university administration has not bothered to install the cooler. When Nagpur Today wanted to know, who is responsible for its installation, the authorities were prompt to pass the buck from one department to another. One blames the engineering department, while the other passes the onus onto the other authorities.

Why should these students who pay the entire hostel fees have to bear the horrible experience? Being denied cold drinking water is as good as denying medicines to a sick patient. There are about 100 to 150 girls residing in this hostel.