Published On : Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

No uniform petrol prices at Nagpur pumps

Nagpur: Move over the uniform fuel prices now as petrol and diesel have also turned like you any other daily needs like grocery and vegetables as far as the price difference is concerned. So just don’t be surprised if we tell you that your pretty dear petrol is not being sold at uniform prices across the city. Yes, all the oil companies are selling petrol at different prices within Nagpur itself!

Sources said a marginal difference of 20 paise is observed in the rates of two companies. The rate of petrol at HPCL refuelling stations is Rs 70.31 per litre, Rs 70.37 at IOC petrol pumps and Rs 70.51 at BPC petrol pumps. It supersedes the belief that petrol rates in the city must be uniform across all refueling stations of 3 major oil companies. In Nagpur more than 3.5 lakh litre of petrol is sold every day, and the quantum is increasing by the day. The petrol sale is highest at HPCL refuelling stations. Cheap petrol could be the reason for the higher sale, sources informed.

In India, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd are three major oil companies selling petrol from their refuelling stations. Two years back, parity in the rates of petrol sold by them was achieved after taking into consideration taxes of each city. As a result, consumers used to refuel their vehicles at any petrol pump.

However, in the last two years, a difference in the rates was observed. Compared to Indian Oil Corporation and BPC, rates of HPCL are less by 6 paise and 20 paise respectively.

In the meantime, many organisations have protested against this rate differential. It may be mentioned here that Competition Commission, two years back had given a ruling that rates of petrol between different companies need not be same. These companies have 49 per cent share of Central government and 51 per cent of the people.

Sources averred if customers know of the differences in the price of petrol between different companies, they would first rush to HPCL refuelling stations.

According to president of Vidarbha Petroleum Dealers’ Association, Harvinder Singh Bhatia, petrol is sold according to the rates fixed by the companies after making due corrections in accordance to the rates of crude at international level.