Published On : Fri, Nov 7th, 2014

No security please, Mrs Fadnavis wants to lead a “normal” life

10262119_920348177977925_3348974580608050722_nNagpur: When Amruta Fadnavis resumed work at the Shankar Nagar branch of Axis Bank in Nagpur on November 3, not much had changed. Except for one notable difference — a security detail.

After all, Fadnavis didn’t return to office as just the associate vice president at the branch. She was also the wife of Maharashtra’s new chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis. But this change may be temporary. “I want a very normal life,” she tells ETPanache. “It may take two-three months to settle these matters. I may write to them (the authorities) to ask if I can forego the security (detail).”

The other major change in her work life is her transfer to Mumbai, now that her husband will be based here. Her employers have verbally confirmed to Fadnavis that she will be shifted to Mumbai within 15-20 days. There is also curiosity over where she can fit into Axis’ Mumbai hierarchy.

Will she work with one of the branches or move to the corporate office? However, there isn’t much clarity on the role she’ll have in Mumbai. Fadnavis says she needs to discuss the possibilities with the bank’s regional distribution head in Mumbai.

Nevertheless, Fadnavis is certain about one thing. She won’t milk her political connections. “I do not want to take a portfolio simply because I can reap some benefits due to my connections with the BJP or my husband’s position,” she says. “I don’t want to do just PR work for the bank. I would like to work in a role that gives me intellectual growth.”

Fadnavis feels it is important for women to work. “They should have their own little world,” says she.

In the past, Fadnavis has credited the RSS ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) as being the force behind her husband’s work ethics. But many perceive the RSS as chauvinistic and opposed to the idea of women working. Fadnavis disagrees.

“The RSS workers I have interacted with are very progressive and liberal-minded. They always support positive changes,” she says.