Published On : Wed, Feb 3rd, 2016

No quantum of punishment can bring our Yug back, laments Dr. Mukesh Chandak

On the eve of most awaited judgment, deceased Yug Chandak’s father opens up his heart to Nagpur Today

Yug chandak father in court priNagpur: As the city anxiously wait for the verdict in the sensation Yug Chandak murder and kidnapping case to be pronounced on Thursday, there is a pall of gloom, silence and sadness back at Yug’s home. Yet there is a conscious attention towards the verdict that his parents believe may ascertain their faith in justice. As the Principal Justice Kishore Sonawane on Wednesday posted the final verdict in the case to February 4 after hearing arguments of both the sides, Nagpur Today sets out to connect with Yug’s father Dr Mukesh Chandak who is aggrieved yet hopeful that the justice will prevail and help in curbing crime against more such innocents.

In an exclusive talk with Nagpur Today, Dr Mukesh Chandak said, “No quantum of punishment would ever bring our son back to life as our loss is irreparable, but we have rested out hopes on the decision that could help in banishing recurrences of such incidents in future. This would help save the lives of many innocents.”

He further added, “Ironically Nagpur has recorded 14 such incidents from 2001 to 2014 and the innocents are continuously falling prey to the greed. If we wanted to protect the future of our children, a fast and stern decision should be taken against such a gory act.”

Reflecting a deep sense of emotion, Dr Chandak said, “Only the suffering parents know pain of losing their child to such tragedy.”

Suggesting measures to keep a check on such incidents, he said that the custody of 4 to 15 years of children should be limited to the parents only when it comes to their authorization through in schools. “Children up to 4 years of age can easily remember mobile numbers. The parents should hint general safety steps to them and also get them recognize their mobile phone numbers. All schools should encourage the children to lay their preliminary safety through teaching them basic do’s and don’ts ,” he said.