Published On : Mon, Sep 12th, 2016

No leads in the murder of Architect Eknath Nimgade

nimgade-murder-caseNagpur: Nagpur police seems to be still groping in dark to ascertain the exact perpetrator of crime and those who connived to eliminate Architect Eknath Nimgade.

There are as many as 150-200 cops of Crime Branch, Detective Branch Squad of three police stations, Special Branch, Senior Police Inspectors, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police who are working round the clock on this case, yet nothing concrete has yielded out of their efforts.

Well-planned execution

This is one of those cases where some unscrupulous people have come together, connived to force someone to sell a good sized land to them. They have planned meticulously to eliminate Architect Eknath Nimgade. So good was the planning that the cops are still groping in dark to solve the case. There are rumours of some leaders of political parties and big businessmen involved in the murder. Yet nothing concrete has been yielded in the questioning.

Work of a professional hit-man

This is also one of those cases where the hit-man has also planned well and carried out the execution with clock-wise precision. The hit man in all probability had carried out a good reconnaissance of the ideal spot for carrying out the murder. He must have followed the victim for a good period of time to ascertain the daily routine of the victim. The hit-man chose such a blind-spot where no CCTV cameras could catch him in action. The spot was such where not many people are present at the time of murder.


The fire-arm used in the murder was in all probability a Mouser or Luger pistol. The cops recovered empty shells of 7.65 mm. A country-made pistol would not necessarily work with such precision when 7-8 bullets are fired. Therefore it could be easily surmised that the weapon was a costly Mouser or Luger pistol of a good make. These weapons are not available so cheap. So definitely a good amount was spent on the weapon.

Physique of the hit-man

The physique of the hit-man should have been definitely good since he was holding the handle-bar of the Honda Activa with his left hand and had fired using only his right hand. He had fired 7-8 bullets on the victim using only one hand so obviously, his forearms and hand was well muscled and worked out. Many guns give a amount of good recoil, so if he could manage to hit the victim with the fire-arm using only one hand, he ought to be well muscled.