Published On : Wed, Oct 11th, 2017

NMRCL’s NOC will now be a must for any construction around Metro route

Nagpur metro
Nagpur: For any construction near metro, it will now be required to take an NOC from NMRCL (Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited). In a communiqué Government Resolution by Town Planning Department dated June 9, 2017, the given orders were released.

As is mentioned in the notice, it will now be required to avail an NOC from NMRCL for any construction within 20 metres of the metro route. The vibrations which will be happening during the passage of train on the elevated tracks have been mentioned as the main reason behind this decision. The Town Planning Department of the state has itself confessed to the fact that vibrations will be felt within 66 feet after the operation of metro rails begins. It is because of this reason that technical permission from metro will have to be taken before any construction.

However, the GR has raised a million dollar question that why the rule is being applied only to new constructions? What about the establishments already falling in the vicinity of these vibrations? There are several old buildings in this vicinity which had been constructed on old technology as well. There is a fair chance to danger to these buildings also who are not constructed to bear the metro tremor.

As stated by Mahesh Kumar Agrawal, Project Director, Mahametro, the decision has been taken to avoid any mishap in future and that there is no threat to any building of Nagpur due to metro. “We have taken this decision so that metro can analyse itself that no private construction poses a threat to it”, he said. “For the construction of metro, piling is done which covers around 20 feet area underground. Thus, it is necessary to take precautionary measures that no construction damages the metro foundation”, he added.

Similarly, on asking about the vibrations Agrawal has claimed that it will not pose any threat to security of metro. “It is very normal to experience vibrations on running of metro in any area”, stated Agrawal.