Published On : Fri, Sep 20th, 2013
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NMC’s Water Works Department: “Father of all shoddy deals, biting state of affairs”

The present “Executive Engineer” Azizur Rehman is pocket full of mind set up of a “Devil may take care” attitude. A sticking-to-the-rule officer could have drastically changed the present scenario to a smoothly run department with justice to all appeasement to none.

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Nagpur News: The Water Works Department of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) could aptly be called “Father of all shoddy deals, outrageous state of affairs, biting working style and ….” The first and foremost irresponsible aspect of the all sickening affairs is, the incapable Deputy Engineer has been saddled on the seat of an Executive Engineer. The very fact is enough to gauge the dismal picture in the Department. A sticking-to-the-rule officer could have drastically changed the present scenario to a smoothly run department with justice to all appeasement to none.

However, the present “Executive Engineer” Azizur Rehman is with the mind set up of a “Devil may take care” attitude. Had he felt the need of the transparency in the department, Rehman would have shifted the employees of different zones who have been stuck to their shabby chairs since years together and are indulging in “corrupt practices” by providing domestic water connections to business houses. Rehman had a chance to clean the mess created by previous heads of the Water Works Department and emerge as standing tall officials. But he missed the bus, and still missing it.


The names of employees could be mentioned to prove the fact that some of them have not moved an inch from their chairs. Khatri in Laxmi Nagar Zone, Bhoyar in Gandhibagh Zone, Pawar in Hanuman Nagar Zone, Gore and Gautam in Mangalwari Zone, Kohad in Nehru Nagar Zone, Waghmare in Ashi Nagar Zone and others. The most shocking fact is that whenever these and other employees are transferred to other departments, a “magic wand” reverts the transfers the next day. The “blessed” employees have become “untouchables” and “out of reach” of the NMC Administration. The rules say, an employee has to be shifted to another department once he or she completes 3 or 5 years in a department. But in NMC, the words “rules and regulations” are an alien words.


The NMC Administration, in order to streamline water supply and other related aspects, handed over the works to private hands the Orange City Water (OCW) Company. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract agreement, the OCW was given the responsibility of water supply, sealing of leakages, maintaining of water quality, curb infiltration of water, increase the number of consumers, changing of old and filthy drainage lines, Head Works at Kanhan and Gorewada, continuous water flow in main lines, changing of valves and most importantly 24×7 water supply. The NMC, according to terms and conditions, pays Rs 7 crore per month to OCW for carrying out the mentioned works. It means Rs 84 crore annually.

However, the OCW utterly failed in its responsibility and not a single work was carried out in accordance with contract agreement such as a 24×7 water supply in any of the 10 Zones, no inspection of domestic and commercial water connections legally. But only one work is being carried perfectly. Pocketing Rs 7 crore per month without fail.


The NMC has a dubious history of chaos whenever it comes providing water connections. When the NMC is levying additional 40 per cent amount in Property  Tax for not having legal water connections, snapping water supply for defaulting in paying water tax, then why no action against the officials resorting to corruption in providing water connections. In this connection, the Nagpur Today has gathered information that Haldiram’s Water Park, two Five Star Hotels in Ramdaspeth, too, have been provided with only half inch pipeline. Even the tampering of a pipeline has been reported in a training camp of a world renowned organization in Reshimbagh.


The NMC has snapped the water connections of NIT’s (West) Office where Naivedyam Hall is situated, Gupta House and others due to non-payment of water tax to the tune of lakhs under the Dharampeth Zone. The water connection of the Naivedyam Group’s Naivedyam Elixir in front of NIT Office has also been cut-off. The reason for snapping of the connection was attributed to illegal half inch pipeline. Now, Naivedyam has been demanding new water connection, but the NMC’s reply is “First clear the pending dues, then new water connection.” The Naivedyam Group, too, played a double game increasing hall rent, catering charges, food and others as soon as the free water supply was cut-off.

Similarly, under the Dharampeth Zone, the water connection of a Hotel and Bar was snapped after the non-payment of water tax in lakhs. The second water connection of the Hotel is also on the verge. However, a powerful Corporator from the West Nagpur is putting hurdles in the NMC action. Apart from these bigwigs whose water supply has been snapped, there are more than 25 other consumers under Dharampeth Zone who have defaulted in paying water tax to the tune of lakhs of rupees. However, the poor administration is forcing the employees go lethargic resulting the dismal recovery of water tax and property tax.

The pending amounts of water tax against the parties:

Deluxe (Rs 7,38,294), Konark Apartment (Rs 6,55,736), R Mohan Raghvendram (Rs 7,89,246), Gopinath K Bhagat (Rs 7,40,177), Officer Club-Club (Rs 111197), Jagat Millennium Apartment (Rs 61032), D G Kate Furniture Mart (Rs 89971), Secretary, Labour Court (Rs 35744), S R Deopujari Office (Rs 49379), G Venugopal, G Raghavendra Rao and Bros Shop (Rs 58148) are among the prominent defaulters.