Published On : Wed, Jan 20th, 2016

NMC’s Standing Committee ayes proposals worth crores within 5 minutes!!

Nagpur: The Standing Committee of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) created a record of sorts or say, created a dubious record. In its meeting held on Wednesday, hardly for five minutes from 5 pm, the Standing Committee, without any discussion the worth, accorded approvals to a slew of subjects on the agenda including appointment of empanelled consultant, 8 members of the Committee who are retiring on March 1, 2016, fixed the rentals for different vehicles to be used by office-bearers and top officials, Hudkeshwar and Narsala water supply scheme’s detailed project report, pre-tender equity, consultant charges for tender finalization and many other proposals.

Ironically, the subjects in the agenda for the meeting were very important and many of the members wanted a detailed discussion but the Chairman (Ramesh Singare) reigned supreme. He, turning a deaf ear, hastily announced conclusion of the meeting and left as well. The acts of the Chairman left the officials stunned, to say the least.

Minute book written by Farkase:
“A character” named Farkase, who is originally employed as Technical Assistant, but ‘sticking’ to Chairman as PA since years, rules the roost. Every year, Chairman gets changed but Farkase remains where he is. With his growing clout in the Standing Committee, many of the employees including women staffers, get sidelined from the official work. Such is the clout of Farkase that he issue diktats to officials, office-bearers, Corporators instead of the Chairman. Situation has come to such a pass that the meetings are called with the signature of Farkase and the minute book is written by he himself bypassing the authorized employees, said sources.

Funds vanished but signature spree is on:
The funds lying with the Chairman have exhausted but on the demands of Corporators and partymen, the Chairman goes of signing spree. The proposals are being approved without any perusal, said sources.