Published On : Tue, May 14th, 2024

NMC’s green net initiative keeps motorists cool at traffic signals during scorching summer


Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has undertaken a commendable initiative to alleviate the distress of motorists during the sweltering summer months by installing green nets at various traffic signals across the city. This endeavour aims to provide shade to motorists, particularly those on two-wheelers, as well as vulnerable groups such as women and children.

As Nagpur braces for the upcoming ‘Nautapa’, a period known for its extreme temperatures, the timing of this initiative couldn’t be more opportune. The green nets have been strategically placed at key intersections, including RBI Square, GPO Square, Law College Square, Shankar Nagar Square, and Manewada Square.


However, the NMC faces hurdles in maintaining the integrity of these nets on wider roads, primarily due to strong winds. This presents a significant challenge that may necessitate a reassessment of the initiative’s feasibility in providing relief from the scorching summer heat.

Despite the challenges, the NMC’s Traffic Department remains optimistic about the project’s potential. They have indicated a willingness to expand the initiative to additional locations if deemed necessary. The selection of squares for the green net project is based on criteria such as high traffic density and lack of natural shade-providing elements like trees.

For instance, at RBI Square, green nets will be erected on both sides to shield traffic heading towards Vidhan Bhavan and its opposite side. Similarly, at GPO Square, green nets will adorn two sides of Palm Road, complementing the existing natural shade provided by large trees on East High Court Road.

Due to ongoing construction at Law College Square, the department has been unable to erect green nets on the two sides of West High Court Road. At Shankar Nagar Square, the net will be erected on both sides of WHC Road. The department has also identified Manewada Square on Inner Ring Road, where nets will be put up on three sides, excluding the side with a tree from Krida Chowk.

Learning from past setbacks, such as the unsuccessful 2016 initiative at RBI Square which was marred by storm damage, authorities have taken proactive measures to reinforce the nets against strong winds. This demonstrates a commitment to learning and improvement in executing such initiatives.

The public has warmly welcomed the initiative, particularly two-wheeler riders who have expressed gratitude for the relief from the scorching sun. Although there has been a noticeable decrease in traffic during peak heat hours in certain areas like Civil Lines, busy junctions continue to experience a steady flow of vehicles.

The NMC’s green net initiative represents a proactive step towards mitigating the adverse effects of summer heat on motorists and vulnerable road users. Despite challenges, the initiative holds promise in providing much-needed respite during Nagpur’s hottest months. Continued efforts to address challenges and expand the initiative will be crucial in ensuring its success and impact on public welfare.