NMC’s GBM cancelled over ‘flimsy’ reasons

NMC Nagpur
Nagpur: The General Body Meeting (GBM) of Nagpur Municipal Corporation, scheduled to be held at Mahal Town Hall on Saturday, has been cancelled.

According to sources, the reasons assigned for cancellation of the GBM is absence of Municipal Commissioner Ashwin Mudgal who is reportedly out of station for attending a meeting. Similarly, the Ruling Party Leader Sandeep Joshi is also out of the town. He is reportedly is in Pune for bone treatment.

The absence of Municipal Commissioner and Ruling Party Leader apparently seems flimsy reason for cancellation of the all-important General Body Meeting. In the past also, the GBMs were held despite absence of top functionaries including Mayor, Municipal Commissioner and others. According to insiders, the cancellation of GBM appears to be a well-planned strategy on the part of ruling party ostensibly to skip burning issues and avoid embarrassment.

Sources further said that the Ruling Party Leader Joshi reportedly informed the Leader of Opposition Tanaji Vanve through SMS about cancellation of the GBM. He did not cite any specific reason.

Standing Committee meeting:
In another development, the meeting of NMC’s Standing Committee being held on Friday was concluded abruptly. It could be due to demise of mother of City BJP President Sudhakar Kohale. Kohale’s mother passed away on Friday at Dhapewada or Adasa. Most of the members of Standing Committee reportedly went for attending funeral.

In the short meeting of Standing Committee, eight members retired through draw system. The Standing Committee comprises total 16 members. The remaining eight can continue for another year. The General Body Meeting will include include new members in place of the eight retired. The election of new members to replace these members will be held in the next GBM. However, since none of the 16 members want to give up their post, the retirement is done through a draw of lots system. As per the provisions of Maharashtra Municipal Corporation (MMC) Act, only 8 members are replaced while other 8 members will get second term in the Standing Committee. The new Standing Committee Chairman will be elected in March.

The general body will give the replacement for these vacant posts as per the specified quota of respective political parties in its meeting.