NMC to seize personal property against pending tax over Rs 25,000

Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has decided to take stern steps to collect property tax from people. According to Assistant Commissioner Milind Meshram, the personal property like vehicle, mobile, Fridge and also house will be seized whose pending property tax is more than Rs 25,000. NMC has prepared many squads who will take such action. These squads will be appointed in various zones of the city. For the seizure police help would be taken and the things will be auctioned.

NMC has prepared a list of people whose pending property tax is more than Rs 25,000. Stern action would be taken by going from house to house. According to NMC there are 1,92,615 people whose pending property tax amounts to Rs 74.86,08,000. NMC is taking these steps to improve its financial condition. This year the pending amount is Rs 1.75 crore more that last year.

The squads prepared by NMC consists of one women inspector , 2 assistants, 2 sweepers, woman employee and a police personnel. The squad will hand over the warrant and will take care of seizure.