Published On : Sat, Jun 18th, 2016

NMC to have six more City Fathers with new 4-member Prabhag system in place

NMC Polls
The Second Capital City of Nagpur now will have six more City Fathers, popularly called Corporators, after the State Government made amendment in Maharashtra Municipal Corporations Act. Till now, the city comprised of 145 Corporators. The number will climb to 151 from the next NMC polls. A notification in this regard was issued on June 16.

Elections to 10 municipal corporations including Nagpur, Mumbai, Amravati, Pune will be held next year. The ruling BJP aims to capture the municipal corporations and the moves in this direction are afoot. Formation of 4-member Prabhag system could be a part of the strategy. With the system, the number of Corporators will increase, except in Mumbai, based on the population of 2011 census.

38 Prabhags in NMC:
According to 2011 census, population in NMC limits is 24.6 lakh. Hudkeshwar-Narsala Gram Panchayats have been included in NMC limits. Both these Gram Panchayats have a population of 35000. Hence the combined population of does not cross 24.50 lakh. According to old law, an additional member is selected for one lakh population of 24 lakh. However, since the number of members is not getting increased even after inclusion of Hudkeshwar-Narsala Gram Panchayats in NMC, the Act was amended, it is learnt. Now, the number of Corporators will climb to 151, an increase in six more members. Earlier, NMC comprised of 145 members.