Published On : Mon, Feb 22nd, 2016

NMC seizes illegal shops constructed by M/s Ashoka Commercial Company at Itwari market

NMC seizes illegal shopsNagpur: The Market Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), armed with the High Court order, carried out seizure action against M/s Ashoka Commercial Company, situated at Poha Oli, Itwari for violation of terms and conditions of NMC’s license pertaining to allotment of land/platform in the market.

The offending firm M/s Ashoka Commercial Company’s Partner Anil Krishnagopal Sarda flagrantly violated the terms and conditions of NMC’s license by illegally erecting commercial shops in the premises of 33 platforms at Poha Oli Itwari as well at both sides of the entry gates of the market. Moreover, the Partner Anil Sarda rented the illegally constructed shops to M/s Ankur Sales Corporation and Mahendrakumar & Company on lease since the past many years. The Market Department of NMC, after finding the illegal constructions and its use by the offending company, M/s Ashoka Commercial Company, had taken possession of the sail illegal constructions on 7.5.2015 in accordance with the Section 81-B of Maharashtra Municipal Corporations Act 1949.

However, the M/s Ashoka Commercial Company, moved the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court and challenged the NMC action by filing a petition (Petition No. 2830/2015). After hearing all the sides, the High Court passed an Ex-Parte order on 12.5.2015 and directed the NMC to break open the locks/seals of the illegally constructed shops in the said market. Acting on the order, the NMC’s Market Department broke open the locks/seals of the shops that were in possession of M/s Ashoka Commercial Company on 16.5.2015.

Subsequently, on 27.1.2016, the High Court dismissed the petition filed by M/s Ashoka Commercial Company. After the dismissal of the petition, the Deputy Commissioner (II) of NMC ordered the Market Department to carry out seizer operation at the shops and premises in possession of M/s Ashoka Commercial Company and also demolish the illegally constructed shops at entry gates of the market. The shops and premises have been seized and sealed.

The seizer operation was carried out under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner (II) Kakde and Assistant Commissioner (Market) Milind Meshram by Market Superintendent D M Umredkar, Assistant Market Superintendent N B Bhovte, other officials and a squad of Lakadganj Police Station.

– RAJEEV RANJAN KUSHWAHA( rajeev.nagpurtoday@gmail.cpm )