NMC all set to sail Anandam City by hook or crook

godrej anandam City Nagpur
 Ruling party  in Nagpur Municipal Corporation has been reportedly adopting every measure to legalise the illegal construction works going on in Anandam City, a hi-end premium apartments project located in city’s Ganeshpeth area near Shukrawari lake. Moreover, this leader has allegedly abused his power to get an honest city planning official transferred to some other department as the latter was creating hurdles in sanctioning the illegal work.

Reliable sources in NMC informed that few leader of ruling party has extended his political influence to get Anandam residential buildings sail through the sturdy procedure hurdles. Insiders reveal that the concerned neta secretly got many works from Anandam assigned to his favor and in return passing on undue favors to the project.

During the Annual General Body Meeting of NMC held last month, making a big issue of few missing documents and papers from a file, an official of the City Planning Department Mahesh Gupta was suspended since he was found guilty. The Mayor knew this incident (of missing documents from the file) very well yet, he left no stones unturned in execution of the punishment based on the allegations of the ruling party office-bearers.

According to sources, the reality is a leader of the ruling party was given the responsibility to regularize all the illegal construction undertaken by Anandam City. After that the on the basis of the advice by the leader of the ruling party, a delegation of senior authorities and officials of Anandam Group met the leader of the ruling party and reported all the matter truthfully. They also reported all the illegal constructions they have undertaken. They also requested the leader to regularize all the illegal construction work that they have done.

Based on the request of the delegation of senior authorities and officials of Anandam Group, the leader of the ruling party directed the senior official of City Planning Department Mahesh Gupta to regularize all the illegal constructions made by Anandam City.

However, Mahesh Gupta refused to regularize the illegal construction. Gupta had allegedly told the Chief of City Planning Department and Nagpur city Municipal Commissioner that he cannot cooperate in manually regularizing the illegally constructed work of Anandam City. Refusing to regularize illegal constructions of Anandam city had proved costly for Gupta.

Making this a prestige issue, the leaders of ruling party ensured that they suspend Gupta by finding all the faults and charge of missing documents from the file.

If this is not enough, these ruling party office-bearers have also ensured that they transfer all those personnel to other departments who have been working in City Planning Department for the last so many years.

One basic idea behind these transfers is that, if the personnel who have been working for so many years continue to work in this department, these ruling party office-bearers will find it difficult to regularize the illegal constructions at Anandam City. Soon the problems of Anandam City will diminish.

Presently Mahesh Gupta has been posted in the Transport Department.

– By Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha