NMC presses five mobile vans into service for creating mass awareness on swine flu

NMC Swainflue Firte Wahan News Photo 3 Mar 2015 (1)

With the swine flu virus havoc staring NMC at its face, the civic body has decided to tackle the menace in Nagpur City heavy-handedly. As a first step, the NMC pressed into service five mobile vans in order to create mass awareness about the deadly disease. The mobile vans are equipped with all necessary information required to create awareness among citizens.

The five mobile vans were flagged off from the premises of NMC’s Central Office in Civil Lines by Deputy Mayor Munna Pokulwar, Ruling Party Leader Dayashankar Tiwari and Health Committee Chairman and newly elected Chairman of Standing Committee Ramesh Shingare. The slogans and notice boards put up in these five mobile vans read: “Don’t panic over Swine Flu,” Keep handkerchief or other cloth on face while coughing or sneezing,” “Always wash hands by soaps after coming to home from outside,” “Avoid going to crowded places,” “Take advise of doctors if cold, cough, sore throat, fever persists,” “Avoid contacts with other family members,” and other different suggestions have been given to the citizens.

Others who were present during the flagging off the mobile vans include Deputy Chairperson of Medical Service and Hospitals Committee Sadhana Barde, Member Vidya Kanhere, Chairman of Tax Assessing Committee Prof Girish Deshmukh, Sports Committee Chairman Harish Dikondwar, Fire Service Committee Chairman Kishore Dorle, Health Officer Dr Savita Meshram, Medical Officer Dr Shyam Shende, Dr Vijay Joshi, Dr Vijay Tiwari, Dr Vinay Dhurde and others.