Published On : Fri, Jan 13th, 2017

NMC poll details out, 20,93,391 voters to elect 151 Corporators

Nagpur Shravan hardikar
The Municipal Commissioner Shravan hardikar on Friday addressed a press conference and elaborated in details about the Nagpur Municipal Corporation election such as election schedule, voters’ list, numbers of seats, reservation status, Prabhags, number of voters in city etc.

Election schedule:
The notification for the NMC poll will be issued on Friday (January 27) and will be published in newspapers on the same day.
The period for filing of nominations on the State Election Commission designated website is from 11 am of 27-01-2017 to 2 pm of 3.2.2017.

Nominations will be accepted from 27.1.2017 to 3.2.2017 (from 11 am to 3 pm). Nominations will not be accepted on Sunday, 29-1-2017.


Scrutiny of nominations will be done on 4.2.2017 (Saturday) (from 11 am).
List of valid candidates will be announced just after the scrutiny.
The last date of withdrawal of nominations is 7.2.2017 (Tuesday) till 3 pm.
Allotment of election symbol will be done on 8.2.2017 (Wednesday) from 11 am.
The final lists of candidates will be published on 8.2.2017 (Wednesday).
Publication of lists of polling centres: 8.2.2017 (Wednesday).
Date of voting: 21-2-2017 (Tuesday) from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm.
Counting of votes: 23.2.2017 (Thursday) from 10 am.

Limit of poll expenditure & security deposit:
The expenditure limit for a candidate contesting the election is Rs 4 lakh each. The security deposit for general candidate will be Rs 5000. For reserved seat, the security deposit will be Rs 2500. For open category woman candidates the security deposit will be Rs 5000 and for reserved seat, it will be Rs 2500.

All the candidates and political parties will have to new open bank accounts for the election. The expenditure details will have to be provided through the new bank accounts.

The candidates will have to mention bank account details in their poll affidavits. In case of crossing the expenditure limits, the State Election Commission will take necessary action.

The Election Commission will keep a watch on paid news: If came to notice, the expenditure will be added to the poll account of candidates.

Voters’ list and Prabhags:
Hardikar said the Election Department of NMC has published the ward-wise voters list on Thursday. NMC has divided the voters list on the basis of each Assembly segment. Election Commission of India (ECI) published the voters list on January 5 and as per the order of State Election Commission (SEC), the list has been divided into newly formed 38 multimember wards or Prabhags. The lists have been displayed in the zone offices of NMC up to January 17. The list can be seen on

This time, the NMC elections are being held on multi-member wards (Prabhag) system. The NMC will have 151 members. The total numbers of Prabhags will be 38. The 37 Prabhags will have four-member ward while one Prabhag will have three members.

30 seats have been reserved for SC, and 12 seats are reserved for ST candidates. At the same time, 41 seats have been reserved for OBC candidates. The composition 34 seats will be such where male or women candidates can fight the poll. Two seats in each Prabhag have already been reserved for women candidates. It means 50 per cent of seats are reserved for women, half the seats will naturally go to women aspirants.

Total voters:
Hardikar said the total number of voters in city are 20,93,391. The male voters are 10,70,828 while women voters are 10,22,500. There are also 63 transgender (Trutiya Panthi) voters in the city. The voters will have to elect four members from each Prabhag.

The aspiring candidates will have to file their nominations separately for each separate seat. At the most four nominations will be accepted from each candidate. Security deposit will be accepted only once for one seat. A candidate can contest for only one seat in a Prabhag. However, there is no bar for contesting for more seats in other Prabhags.

Colours of ballot papers:

The ballot papers will have different colours as follows:

· For “A” seat in each Prabhag: White ballot paper
· For “B” seat in each Prabhag: Faint pink ballot paper
· For “C” seat in each Prabhag: Faint yellow ballot paper
· For “D” seat in each Prabhag: Faint blue ballot paper

Polling centres and EVMs:
A total of 2800 polling centres have been proposed with each centre having 750-800 voters. The NMC poll will require 3000 control units and 12000 ballot units.

The existing zones for the poll: