Published On : Fri, May 8th, 2015

NMC-OCW’s ‘Paid Tankers’ initiative gets bubbling response

The new facility for consumers earn a handsome sum of Rs. 16,205/- in 5 days for NMC


Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water sticking to their repute of bringing innovative services to the citizen of Nagpur, has from this week started the paid tanker facility for personal events like Weddings, etc. from ESRs like Lakadganj, Wanjari Nagar, Mhalgi Nagar, Seminary Hills, Laxmi Nagar, Bezanbagh and Mahendra Nagar ESRs to sooth the increased demand of water for functions hosted in summers, though the facility will continue to serve all year long.

The citizens don’t need to rush from posts to pillars for availing tankers any more. All they need is to reach the nearest of the above mentioned hydrants, pay the due charges and get the tanker.

This facility started from May 4, 2015. Since then, this new venture has earned a handsome amount of Rs. 16,205/- for NMC. The charges for the tankers depend upon the capacity of the tanker. The charges are Rs. 435 for 2000 litres, Rs. 495 for 3000 litres, Rs. 555 for 4000 litres, Rs. 650 for 6000 litres.

Citizens are requested to necessarily avail the receipts against payment of tanker charges. For any queries citizen may contact the OCW’s toll free number 1800-266-9899. However the complaints regarding paid tankers can only be entertained on producing valid receipt. NMC-OCW has appealed citizens to take advantage of this facility.

1800-266-9899 all set to handle complaints
The 24×7 Helpline Facility 1800-266-9899 provided by OCW, is all set to handle and resolve the complaints received from citizens regarding water supply. Citizens are requested to use the facility to register any of their complaints related to water.
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