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    Published On : Fri, Oct 30th, 2015
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    NMC-OCW supplies improved quality-water to various Prabhags

    NMC-OCW and Corporators’ joint efforts have shown results

    Nagpur: Over 7 lakh citizens are benefited after Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) & Orange City Water (OCW) jointly made conscious and continuous efforts to relieve their water woes in last three years. Their smiling faces are the assets of NMC & OCW which have been jointly handling the operation & maintenance of the city’s water supply system.

    It must be mentioned here, to achieve this; NMC- OCW’s technical experts jointly with Hon. Corporators of each prabhag have been taking conscious efforts which are now showing results. There are more than 100 areas spread across the city where the water supply has improved from alternate day supply to daily 2-3 hours with adequate pressure. For instance, areas like Sumit Nagar of Gittikhdan GSR command area is now receiving supply of 2 hours daily, whereas areas like Karimabad which faced issues with pressure conditions are now receiving upto 4 hours daily supply with adequate pressure and more than 7 lakh people are relieved of the woes they faced till very recent years.

    The above claim has a concrete backing of constant support, feedback and appreciation from citizens as well as the elected public representatives who have applauded NMC-OCW’s work.

    Following are some of the representative cases where NMC-OCW have been so prompt in solving the issues related to water supply that the Hon. Corporators of the relieved areas stated, as:

    1) Ashrafunnisa Iftekhar Ahmed, Prabhag 29(B): In my Prabhag 29(B) Hansapuri, Takiya, Panaipeth areas faced water crunch for last 2 yrs there was no adequate pressure either. But OCW staff worked from 29th Dec 2014 to 3rd Jan 2015 for arresting leakage on main pipe and thereafter we faced no problems with respect to drinking water.

    2) Saroj Bahadure, Prabhag 67(A): Jogi Nagar Dhadiwal Layout area of my Prabhag received contaminated supply since last 2-3years. But after OCW’s work of pipeline replacement and new connections, there is no contamination now. Also, Chintamani Nagar and surrounding are received alternate day water supply earlier but now it is daily supply since past 6 months. I am thankful to Hanuman Nagar water works team.

    3) Ajay Dange, Prabhag 57(A): OCW staff has worked very hard due to which my area is getting good water supply. Kaushlaya Nagar, New Babhulkheda received contaminated supply OCW worked on the issue and solved it too. Thanks!

    4) Shila Tarale, Prabhag 65(B): Vasant Nagar area faced water problem since last 10 years. Due to the efforts of OCW team, since last 4 months daily supply is being given. Kunjilalpeth area got alternate day water supply but all because of OCW team’s effort now this area receives water every day. I am thankful to OCW hanuman Nagar team for all this.

    5) Jagdish Gwalbanshi, Prabhag 23(A): Mauja Dabha Network area used to get alternate day supply now OCW is providing daily supply and the said area is now tanker-free. Tekdi Wadi residents are getting free pipeline and connection replacement. Also, OCW addresses complaints like leakage, etc. immediately.

    6) Shila Mohod, Prabhag 9(A): I thank OCW for its work of connecting 2” line to 6”line which solved years old problem of Fago Layout. This has benefited around 30-35 houses in the area.

    7) Mina Tidke, Prabhag 8(A): I thank OCW on behalf of all the citizens for regularizing water supply of Mauja Gorewada and Girewada Basti and we expect continued support in future.

    8) Jayashree Wadibhasme, Prabhag 68(A): The societies in my area which received alternate day water supply earlier, are now receiving water daily. I thank OCW for this. Also, Ajay Nawle manages complaints very efficiently. We hope for such support in future too!

    The supply scenario has shown improvement in every zone: like Laxmi Nagar (12 areas); Dharampeth (19 areas), Hanuman Nagar (66 areas); Dhantoli (20 areas); Nehru Nagar (33 areas); Gandhibagh (21 areas); Satranjipura (45 areas); Lakadganj (24 areas); Ashi Nagar (27 areas); Mangalwari (22 areas). The improvement in the water quality could be achieved due to tremendous hard work of NMC- OCW Zonal teams in identifying and rectifying or isolating the source of contamination. Replacement of ilapidated pipeline and repair of major leakages eliminated the contamination source.

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