Published On : Sat, May 20th, 2017

NMC-OCW conduct summer camps for Slum Children across the city

Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water Pvt. Ltd. are organizing Summer Camps for Slum Children in all the 10 zones of Nagpur City. More than 400 slum children have participated and enjoyed with team NMC-OCW.

NMC-OCW are primarily responsible for the implementation of Uninterrupted Water Supply Project for the city of Nagpur. However, not limiting themselves to water supply only, they have been conducting various social activities for Citizen Onboarding. As a part of this, Summer Camps have been organized in all the zones in the city.

The Summer Camps were organized mainly with the aim of raising awareness among kids about water conservation. It was well-achieved through fun activities like Water Conservation Songs, Dances, Drawing, Painting, Slogan writing and recitation. Along with Water Conservation other important issues like Health & Hygiene were also covered in fun ways.


To ensure that the children are engaged and entertained activities like Sports and General Knowledge were also conducted.

Out of the 10 zones, Mangalwari, Hanuman Nagar, Lakadganj zone camps have successfully completed while in the rest of the zones they are still going on. At the end of the camps, the children are presented with Certificates of Participation to boost them up.

All the children were immensely happy with this initiative of NMC-OCW. In Hanuman Nagar and Nehru Nagar zone, the camps had to be extended on high demand from the children and slum dwellers. This is the confirmation of appreciation from the children themselves.

It is mentionable here that the 24×7 Uninterrupted Water Supply Project for Nagpur is a PPP (Public Private Partnership) Project. NMC-OCW believe that the sustainable success of PPP lies in onboarding the largest stakeholder of the project i.e. People, thereby evolving the PPP to 4P structure. To ensure the Citizen Onboarding, Public Participation, NMC-OCW have gone beyond Water and have started touching the other important aspects of the people’s life like, health & hygiene, children’s education, women empowerment and livelihood, etc.

NMC-OCW have started an initiative called “Model Slum Development’ under which all the above mentioned programs are covered.

This has helped NMC-OCW to bond stronger with the community in order to share the ownership of the project with its largest stakeholder.