NMC ‘nepotism’: WIPRO picks holes in tender for installation of LED streetlights


Nagpur: The internationally renowned company – WIPRO – has picked holes in the tender process of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) for “Nagpur LED Street Lighting Project.” The company has alleged ‘nepotism’ in awarding the contract to the rival company – Philips — despite “flaws” in its tendering process.

WIPRO, in a letter addressed to the Executive Engineer (Electrical), NMC, has pointed out that the local body had floated a tender for “Nagpur LED Street Lighting Project.” The company further said that in accordance with the conditions stipulated under the tender, had entered into MOUs with bidding electrical contractors for supply of products and the same was duly uploaded by them at the time of tender submission along with other relevant technical and commercial documents, the letter said.

The WIPRO, however, found that its branded products were not being considered by the NMC. The reason cited by the local body was that “inadequate submission of technical documents by bidding electrical contractors.” At the same time, WIPRO was informed by the NMC that the technical documents of Philips were complete at the time of tender submission and hence the company’s brand was approved and the contractors were told to install Philips LED streetlight fittings only.

Taken aback by the NMC move, the WIPRO, based on “reliable information” provided to them, scanned the documents submitted by Philips and found them “inadequate” and “deficient” at the time of Tender submission.

The WIPRO highlighted few of critical technical deficiencies in Philips documentation as follows: 

  • Against tender specification requirement of Power Factor 0.95, the Power Factor mentioned in Philips report is 0.7 at the end of 12-hour operation.
  • All reports of Philips Luminaire for Stem Dimming only captures power and power factor. THD is not being captured anywhere.
  • Philips has not submitted Driver Test report.
  • Philips has not submitted IK Reports.
  • LM79 Reports are only at 100% power and not at 50% power (refer Page No. 107 of Tender, LM79 and Driver Test Reports for all dimming stages.)
  • Philips has not submitted LM79 Report for 37W LED Streetlights.

After finding the “glaring” deficiencies in Philips documents, the WIPRO has urged the NMC to uphold the principles of equity and justice and instead of rejecting its branded products without assigning any reasons whatsoever, the rejection should be that of Philips supplied goods to the bidding electrical contractors, the WIPRO letter said.