NMC mulls to engage retired babus for “specific” tasks

Nagpur: A job at Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is a much sought-after job mostly by those who want to sit idle and still pocket a full salary. And those employees who retired after completing their stipulated service period still cherish to spend their time with NMC chairs and tables as “habits die hard.” For such retired employees the NMC is offering good news. The civic body is mulling to engage retired officials for specific tasks on the honorary contractual basis.

The NMC could be toeing the line of Maharashtra Government as the Chief Minister, a few months ago, had announced that the state government will recruit retired government officers and employees for specific tasks on the honorary contractual basis. The announcement is a clear hint that the unemployed educated youths would have to pack up their degrees and line up at Employment Exchanges for a petty job.

Showing interest to the CM’s announcement, the NMC Administration is contemplating to reemploy half a dozen retired officials. According to General Administration Department (GAD), the six officials could be Shashikant Hastak, Prakash Urade, Azizur Rehman et al. Most of these retired officials have put their “terms and conditions” to be in the service of NMC, again. The “terms and conditions” include appointment on “plum and beneficial” posts they were holding in their earlier tenure.

Notably, hundreds of posts are lying vacant in NMC since years. In the year 2016-17, over two dozen officials and employees are retiring from service every month. The vacancies in sanctioned posts are increasing day by day. Because of freeze on direct recruitment, several of temporary or contract employees handling the responsibilities of vacant posts since years. Moreover, these employees on their own or on NMC directives are holding more than one post, for obvious reasons.

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– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (rajeev.nagpurtoday@gmail.com)