NMC ignoring Naik tank’s problem

Nagpur: Can Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) pat its own back during the Clean India Movement? Naik Talao, a historical and one of the main water bodies of Nagpur today is screaming for attention of NMC as it has been turned into a waste water tank. Once upon a time the tank’s water which was potable and was used for drinking and for household purpose has now been turned into a big drainage water tank. Thanks to NMC administration which neglected it when the illegal structures came up surrounding the water body and dirtying it by diverting the filthy water into it. Today the condition of the water in tank is that it is emitting obnoxious odour.

Till the year 2000 the water in the tank was potable. Even people used to swim in the tank. But the deterioration of tank began after the NMC turned a blind eye to the mushrooming illegal structures surrounding the tank and dirtying the place. And then in name of beautification NMC built a wall around the tank. Due to this the area of the tank shrunk. Early the people could see the tank from a distance. Now tank has remained only for the people to throw garbage bags and to make it all the more polluted. After Ganesh immersion no efforts have been taken to remove the garbage. It may be mentioned that a part of the tank is close to the NMC School and has been turned into an open toilet. Even people near the tank are facing problem but even then, they are throwing the garbage there. A part of the tank was filled with mud to develop it into a garden but soon it was turned into a garbage dumping place.

Health Deptt in deep slumber
Even after knowing the problem here the NMC’s District Health Department has not bothered to survey it and to rejuvenate the Naik talao. In the name of cleaning the NMC Health Deptt’s employees come here and after spending 1 or 2 hours they are back to their destinations.

Deputy Mayor appears to be serious in rejuvenation of tank
There has been a serious move by the Deputy Mayor Deepraj Paridkar even before he had become corporator. He has been trying to clean the tank by cutting of the unwanted plants weeds and creepers in the tank. This is being done with the help ’Art of Living’ under its project. The people have been saying that the Deputy wants to rejuvenate the tank during his tenure so that the water problem of the people living here is solved specially during summer. But since he is knew in NMC and plus soft spoken so the NMC is not taking him seriously, people feel.