Published On : Tue, Aug 25th, 2015

NMC hammers out many water bill complaints at Laxmi Nagar Zone camp

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Nagpur: Faced with the flood of complaints from citizens regarding inflated water bills the Chairman of NMC’s Water Supply Committee Sandeep Joshi had taken lead to organize Zone Wise Camps for providing relief to the citizens. The Chairman on Tuesday reviewed the Laxmi Nagar Zone and scanned various complaints. The complaints were found related to following aspects:

  1. New water connections.
  2. Regularisation of illegal water connections.
  3. Water connections in NIT layouts.
  4. Pending payment of water bills before 2012.
  5. Inflated water bills issued after 2012.
  6. Bills issued as average.
  7. Excessive bills issued in some months.
  8. Complaints regarding restoration.
  • A total of 176 complaints received.
  • After studying the complaints, the number of bills found correct is 57.
  • 75 bills were reduced.
  • 41 bills are being examined.
  • Remaining 3 bills sent to Dharampeth Zone for its perusal.

Jalpraday Sameeti Shibir Meeting Photos 25 Augst 2015
The Chairman of Water Supply Committee Sandeep Joshi said that three water connections of Forest Department, Seminary Hills, have been disconnected as an amount of Rs 77,44,590 had been pending against it. Joshi further said that the water connections of those citizens will be snapped if they failed to pay the revised bills. Similarly, to recover the pending amounts standing against Naivadyam Hall, situated near Ambazari Lake, seizer action will be taken on the lines of Property Tax recovery. Rs 50 lakh have been pending against Naivadyam Hall, Joshi said. Talking about the Empress Mall, he said that an amount of Rs 150 lakh has not been paid by the firm although it is ready to pay Rs 50 lakh. The NMC plans to make public the list of 60-70 bulk meter defaulters in the coming days. After completion of Zone-wise Camps, a drive for one-time-settlement will be launched. Even considerable amounts of water bills are pending against NMC employees and the names of the defaulters will be made public, warned Joshi.

Following complaints were scanned and redressed at the Laxmi Nagar Zone:
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