NMC fails to demolish encroachments over its own land

Nagpur:Senior Congress Corporator, Sandeep Sahare, raised the issue of encroachment over the Panchpawli market in the General Assembly held on Friday. He has alleged that due to the neglect over the issue and failure of Nagpur administration to remove the encroachment, NMCs plan to construct a mutli-storey business complex on the land, has botched. He has also alleged that although, mayor has directed for the removal of encroachment, the officials have not only failed to do so, the security amount given by contractor for the construction has been returned as well.

It is to be mentioned that in Panchpawli market, several shopkeepers were allotted shops on rent. They were also directed that they will have to vacate the shops as and when, asked. However, the shop owners, in a span of several years, encroached the shops and also extended the areas allotted to them illegally. Around 10 years back, in 2007, when the NMC failed to avail its own land, the security deposit given by the contractor was returned. It is also worth mentioning that similar story has been witnessed in four other markets of the city.
The same has been firmly opposed by Sahare.

As informed by Sahare, NMC has 163 shops in the Panchpawli market area which have been given on lease. A total of 2144 sq ft of land was given on lease. However, an extra encroachment of 19352 sq ft has been encroached by the shopkeepers.