NMC Enforcement Department bulldozes Khowa and Pan Market

Nagpur: Due to the land required for the construction of the metro rail project near Cotton Market Square notice were been issued to all the shopkeepers of Khowa and Pan Market land, some days before. Despite this the businessmen refused to move from the place having high hopes. The Enforcement Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation took action against the shops. Some shopkeepers tried to oppose it. At the same time, they took time to remove some of the shops’ belongings, they also requested to avoid action. But it was of no use as the land is required for construction of metro rail project. The anti- encroachment squad refused to give time, while razing 52 shops in Khowa Market and levelling the ground.

The three teams of the Nagpur Municipal Corporations were posted here, especially during when action was taken on Thursday. While 2 teams were busy demolishing Khowa Market’s shops, other teams were razing the 2 buildings of Pan Market. Meanwhile a victim came in front of the JCB machine to stop the action being taken but the police swung into action allegedly gave him 2 to three blows of baton. Other people, who opposed the authorities immediately withdrew. After which the operation was carried out peacefully. Shah, Jamshed Ali, Prakash Patil, Nitin Manthanwar, Vijay Irkhede, Pawankar took action under the guidance of Enforcement Department Chief Ashok Patil, Mahesh Dhama, Enforcement Inspector Sanjay Kamble.

As the Khowa market shopkeepers were license holders the NMC had already provided alternative land to them and instructed them to move their business from there. According to the instructions, most shopkeepers had shifted their business but some of them were still carrying on their business sitting on floor. On arrival of the NMC squad the shopkeepers shifted their remaining things.